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Sunday's Author Spotlight: Linda L. Picl

Today I’m excited to have author Linda L. Picl on the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. Linda writes second chance romance and paranormal novels. Let’s find out more about Linda’s books.

About 'Next Time Love Comes':
Sometimes marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes you have to take your own life in your hands and change it for the better.

Elizabeth Peters knows this and when she meets Aiden Roberts and his handicapped child, she realizes she'll have a fight ahead of her if she wants this man in her life.
Aiden Roberts has met the perfect woman, Elizabeth Peters. She's gorgeous, funny and loves his son and family. What more could he ask for? The only problem is – they are both married to other people.

Despite the huge obstacle, Aiden is convinced they should be together. But is the one perfect night they shared enough to make her want to leave her marriage?
Elizabeth Peters wonders if it is possible to outgrow a marriage. Of course it is and sometimes it takes all you have inside of you to make the change that will make the rest of your life worth living. Elizabeth Peters and her husband Vince are at a dangerous crossroads. His career is all he cares about. His wife and family have been pushed to the back seat of his life, leaving Liz with the realization she has to be the one to take control of her own destiny. Many woman consider leaving their marriage but Liz knows she's the one who’s going to have end it. When she meets Aiden Roberts who has already lived an incredibly hard life and needs her love, she knows this is her big chance to have everything she’s always wanted. Meeting his family during an almost fatal event, she knows she loves them all, including Aiden's son. The problem comes when she is dragged back into the fold after a devastating accident leaves her husband also needing her like he's never needed or wanted her before. Liz walks a fine line between caring for another man and his family and taking care of the man she's been with for so many years.

Where does she draw the line between concern and love? Her past and her present collides when Vince doesn't remember their love is over, forcing her to relive the past and possibly have to do so for the rest of her life. She has to find the solution to everyone else’s problems before she can fix her own. Elizabeth also has to decide which destiny she wants.
Aiden and Elizabeth’s story celebrates the fact that life is short, we all deserve as much happiness as we can grab.  

About 'Solitary Dreamer': felt sorry for Carrie Lawson. She was a sweet woman who had nothing but a deadbeat husband and a dream of a writing career. Happiness was something she had to fight for but when she met Logan Franks, a local firefighter, her love life became a whole lot warmer until her very existence was almost snuffed out by a person she thought she’d never see again.

Logan Franks is hot, and not just in looks. Being a volunteer firefighter doesn’t just mean being on a calendar or turning girls on…it’s dangerous work. Sometimes you have to go in and save everyone, sometimes even your worst enemy. But Logan is above all that, he will save everyone he can.
He and Carrie will fight for a life together, no matter what, even if the chances are high it will all blow up in their faces.

About 'Angelea's Dreams of Yesterday':'s Dreams of Yesterday is a story about a young woman who wakes up believing she's a pirates wife. A pirate who's been dead for hundreds of years. Trying to convince her boyfriend she belongs to someone else puts her in a fight for her life against a spirit that believes her story and wants her for himself. See if she can remember the love she has in the present and fight off ghosts of the past.





Interview with Linda L. Picl:

Tell us a little more about Linda L Picl?

Linda is a complex creature, she likes everything from fishing to antiquing. My current obsession is the new adult coloring books that are out and collecting mason jars. I want one in every color. And most of all I love to write. 

When did you decide you wanted to become an author and write your own book?

After we moved to remote area in Indiana about ten years ago. I couldn't find work and was bored and upset with my life. Suddenly the bug hit me and I haven't stopped since. Thank goodness we did move though. LOL.

What do you love most about being an author?

The ability to work at home at my own pace. Although sometimes I get distracted and have to reel myself back in and do some writing. 

What is the best thing that happened since you’re first book came out?

I have met a world full of great people.
Tell us about your books? How did you come to the idea of writing them?

My first two books were second chance at love books, about two bad marriages that were doomed from the start and the two wonderful men my heroines met. The newest is a paranormal romance about a women who wakes up in a hospital believing she's married to a pirate. She's not by the way and her frustrated boyfriend has his hands full trying to convince her otherwise.
Where do you go to write your books? And where do you get the inspiration?

Inspiration is all around us. I see a commercial  or hear a verse from a song and it hits me. I usually write outside or in my living room on paper and since I hate to type, my daughter types it up for me.

What are your future plans in writing?

Writing now? I'm writing a series based on Angel Bennett from my last book ‘Angelea's Dreams of Yesterday’. Whether she likes it or not she gets pulled back into a paranormal situation and has to help her cousin rid her bed and breakfast of unruly spirits.

Are you a reader yourself? And what is your favorite book(s)?

I love to read, my favorite books are anything by Robin Carr or Victoria Laurie.

What would you advice be to new aspiring authors?

Keep at it. It is not easy and it will turn out to be totally different than you expect when you finally publish, but it's worth it to see your name on a book you've completed and hopefully tens of people will read...LOL.

About the Author:

Linda L. Picl was born in Illinois and got her love of reading from spending time in a tiny library under a police station in a small town there. From there she went on to work at many of the libraries in suburbs all around the Chicago area which only fired up her love of romance novels.

Following her favorite authors Robyn Carr and Nora Roberts she went on to write sweet romance books and produced her first book ‘Next Time Love Comes’ and then ‘Solitary Dreamer’, both second chance at love romances. Not everyone gets lucky on their first try at love.
Those are the types of books Linda loves to write. She has just published her third book, a paranormal romance, ‘Angelea's Dreams of Yesterday’ published by Beau Coup Publishing and more books are on their way.

Linda lives in a suburb of Wisconsin with her husband.

For more information about Linda L. Picl please visit her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon


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