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Review 'A Witch's Feast' by C.N. Crawford
The second book in the Memento Mori Series...

There are new rules governing the country--namely, no magic. But Fiona Forzese has never been good with rules...

After a ghostly army terrorized Boston, the Ranulf family say they'll help Fiona and her classmates finish up junior year. They say their old Virginia plantation is a safe haven. All Fiona and her secret coven have to to do is show up to a few math and English classes.

It should be a perfect solution. And it would be, if the Ranulfs weren't members of a witch-hunting cult.

As Fiona digs deeper into the Ranulf's past, she learns a dark truth that shocks her to her core. But it isn't only the Ranulfs who are keeping secrets, and as the witch-hunting cult closes in, Fiona is forced to confront the demons of her own past.

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My Review:

In January I read the first book in The Memento Mori series ‘The Witching Elm’. I really enjoyed reading that book and it was such a different read than the normal fantasy books I read. It was really intriguing, dark and unique. So when the authors emailed me with the question if I wanted to read the second book in this series, I was super excited. And I couldn’t wait to start reading.

In ‘A Witch’s Feast’ we meet the characters only a view days after were we left them in the first book. The school in Boston is burned and classmates have died. Thomas and Celia are still trapped in Maremount and are working hard on finding a way back to Boston.
Meanwhile Fiona and her classmates are trying to finish high school with the so called protection of the Ranulf family. But nothing is the way it seems and there are still a lot of secrets.

This book was definitely just as intriguing and fascinating to read as the first one. There is a lot going on in this book and it never gets boring. What I loved the most about this book was the way it was written through different point of views. We read the book through the eyes of Tobias, Fiona, Thomas, Jack and Celia. This sounds like a lot and maybe even too much.. But I definitely loved reading this book from so many different eyes. It just really fit the story.

One of the most interesting parts of this book for me, was definitely getting to know Jack a little more. He is still evil but somehow the author was able to also make me like him more and I even felt a little itsy bitsy sympathy for him.
A lot of secrets and questions I had in the end of book one are revealed in this book, but I also have a lot more questions now for the third book. A little frustrating to be honest. So now I have to wait patiently for book three.. and I’m not a very patient person! Sigh…

So what can I do to make the wait a little easier.. Yep I ordered the beautiful looking paperback versions of this series. I mean, have you looked at those covers? I love them and I can’t wait to have them standing on my shelves.

The Memento Mori series really is an awesome fantasy series and I really recommend it to other fantasy readers. This isn’t a standalone novel though, so you really just have to read the first book ‘The Witching Elm’ first.. not a bad thing.. I promise! ;)

My Rating:

About the Author:

C.N. Crawford is not one person but two. Christine (C) grew up in the historic town of Lexington, and has a lifelong interest in New England folklore - with a particular fondness for creepy old cemeteries. Nick (N) spent his childhood reading fantasy and science fiction further north during Vermont’s long winters.

Together they work to incorporate real historical events and figures into contemporary urban fantasy novels.

For more information about C.N. Crawford please visit the Author site, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. oh doesn't this sound fun, I am glad to hear there was never a dull moment

    1. It really is such a fun read. Definitely a great series ;)


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