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Review 'Stars of Fortune' by Nora Roberts
Book One in an enchanting, brand-new trilogy of love, magic and destiny from Nora Roberts – the world's greatest storyteller..

Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by vivid dreams and nightmares that she turns into extraordinary paintings. Desperate to understand her visions, she finds herself drawn to the Greek island of Corfu.

She has only just arrived when she encounters Bran Killian, an Irish magician with a warm charisma and secrets dancing in his eyes. Sasha has never met Bran before, but she knows him only too well - because this is the man from her dreams. The man she has painted over and over again. The man she seems fated to be with...if she can find the courage to accept who she really is.

Sasha soon discovers that four other strangers have been lured to the island. Like Bran, they are all desperately searching for a mysterious jewel known as the fire star - before it falls into the wrong hands. Together, they might just succeed. But first they must learn to trust one another, and reveal their deepest secrets. On the sun-drenched island of Corfu, love and magic are sparked into life. And for Sasha, nothing will ever be the same again.

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of almost every Nora Roberts book out there! So when I received her new book ‘Stars of Fortune’ I was super excited and couldn’t wait to start reading.

In ‘Stars of Fortune’ we meet Sasha Riggs, an artist who lives most of her life in solitude. For a very long time Sasha had been haunted by dreams, about six different people looking for ‘Stars’. As an artist Sasha has been making paintings of these dreams to clear her mind. But Sasha knows there is more about these dreams than she wants to admit, and after her dreams leave her feeling more and more like she should be somewhere else, she decides to visit the place of her dreams. Soon Sasha travels to the Greek Island of Corfu. And before she knows it, Sasha meets the people she has been painting about for a long time. But they aren’t normal people. A seer, a magician, an archaeologist, a wanderer, a fighter and a loner all on a quest. Soon Sasha finds out they are all searching for the same thing, and to find it, they most work together.

This book was something I was immediately interested in from the moment I read the book description. Especially since a big part of this book takes place in Corfu, a place I went on holiday a view years ago (see banner pic.). During that holiday, I completely fell in love with that island and the people living there. So reading about this island really brought back memories. The other thing that made me immediately interested, was the way this book was written by Nora Roberts. I love her books and the way she so easily pulls you into her stories.

‘Stars of Fortune’ is just as easy to get wrapped up in as the other books by Nora Roberts. The reading is easy to follow and it definitely makes you keep on reading. I loved the setting and the way this book involves mythology. But I did have some troubles with the main characters. I don’t know why but somehow I just couldn’t really connect with any of the characters. Honestly… I have no idea why. The main character Sasha wasn’t very strong in the beginning, but slowly grew into a stronger person. Her love interest Bran Killian was kind and mysterious. And the other four main characters were all also very interesting people. But somehow, although I liked the book, it didn’t wow me because I just didn’t really like the characters.

That said, the storyline itself was interesting enough to keep me interested in this book. There is a lot of fantasy/ paranormal stuff going on and it definitely kept me interested and wanting to read more.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. She began writing when a blizzard in February 1979 kept her in her hilltop home with a three and six year old for nearly a week of canceled kindergarten and dwindling chocolate supplies.

During the now-famous blizzard, she pulled out a pencil and notebook and began to write a story for her own entertainment. From the first page, she knew it was what she was meant to do.

Nora Roberts is now the number one New York Times bestseller of more than 200 novels. With over 450 million copies of her books in print, she is indisputably one of the most celebrated and popular writers in the world. She has achieved numerous top five bestsellers in the UK, including recent number ones for ‘The Witness’ and ‘The Perfect Hope’ and is a Sunday Times hardback bestseller writing as both Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb.

For more information about Nora Roberts please visit her website, Goodreads and Amazon. Or visit Nora’s Facebook page.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from the Little, Brown Book Group.

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