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Review 'The Ripper Gene' by Michael Ransom neuroscientist-turned-FBI-profiler discovers a gene that produces psychopaths in this thrilling

Dr. Lucas Madden is a neuroscientist-turned-FBI profiler who first gained global recognition for cloning the ripper gene and showing its dysfunction in the brains of psychopaths. Later, as an FBI profiler, Madden achieved further notoriety by sequencing the DNA of the world’s most notorious serial killers and proposing a controversial “damnation algorithm” that could predict serial killer behavior using DNA alone.

Now, a new murderer—the Snow White Killer—is terrorizing women in the Mississippi Delta. When Mara Bliss, Madden’s former fiancĂ©e, is kidnapped, he must track down a killer who is always two steps ahead of him. Only by entering the killer’s mind will Madden ultimately understand the twisted and terrifying rationale behind the murders—and have a chance at ending the psychopath’s reign of terror. debut novel.

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My Review:

A view weeks ago I received a beautiful looking hardback cover of ‘The Ripper Gene’ by Michael Ransom. I love reading thrillers, and this book sounded like an interesting and different read. Especially after seeing the book cover, I couldn’t wait to start reading.

In ‘The Ripper Gene’ we meet FBI profiler Lucas Madden. Lucas has been studying murderers, and especially serial killers for a long time. After watching his mother walk to her death many years ago, Lucas is determined to find out what makes a murderer tick and to capture every murderer he can get his hands on. When Lucas is called near a crime scene where a young woman is murdered lying with an apple in her hands, Lucas soon begins to think there is a new serial killer on the move. When a new body is found with an apple in her hands only two days later, his suspicion is confirmed. Now, together with his new partner, Lucas is determined to find the ‘Snow White Killer’ and get justice for the woman who were killed so brutally. Especially when Lucas family seems to be involved.

Where do I start? Like I said before I love thrillers. I love reading about cases and finding clues about who is the murderer. And I especially love books that make me want to read faster because I just have to know what happens next. ‘The Ripper Gene’ is the perfect example of a thrilling, exciting, fast-paced book that makes you want to read until the very end.
From the moment I started this book I was hooked. This book starts right in the middle of the investigation and even from the first page on I didn’t want to stop reading.

The main character Lucas Madden was easy to like. I love people with a passion for the work they do, and Lucas was definitely a character that fit that bill. Lucas wasn’t really great with people all the time, but I liked him and I especially liked the way he became a FBI profiler. It was fascinating to read about his journey from med school to his life with the FBI.
There is also some talk about the ‘ripper gene’ and DNA. And although I was afraid this would get a little boring, I loved learning about the ‘ripper gene’. Very fascinating and interesting and it didn’t feel boring at all to me.

This book was just very good. I couldn’t wait to learn more about who the Snow White Killer was. The characters were interesting and very likable with flaws and all. Lucas and his new partner have a fun relationship I really enjoyed reading about and there definitely was a lot of mystery. I didn’t know who the murderer was until the moment the characters found out.. Very impressive.
Especially the last chapters were nail-bitingly good and I was hooked to every page. This book definitely was worth losing sleep over.

Michael Ransom is definitely an author I’ll keep an eye out for.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Michael Ransom has been a writer ever since an English teacher at Corinth High School announced that "they just might have a writer in the class". Yes he may have felt awkward momentarily, but he's grateful for teachers like her and the impactful votes of confidence they give young students each day. Currently, he is a scientist by day and an author by night. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania and an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. His laboratories employ genetics, genomics and other molecular approaches to identify patients likely to respond to various therapies across many different diseases. His writing is informed by his scientific background and his first novel, 'The Ripper Gene', was published by Tor-Forge in August 2015.

For more information about Michael Ransom please visit his website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Linked-In profile. 

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