Thursday, November 26, 2015

Discussion Post: Rating or not?

When I first started my blog in March 2014. I didn’t use a rating scale. To really know what I thought about a book you needed to read my review. But on other book blogs and review sites I saw that a lot of book bloggers and reviewers did use rating scales. So from January 2015 I decided to start using my own rating scale. And now I use my rating scale for all my reviews.

This is the rating scale I use:

I like to add rating scales to books I really really loved. I mean come on.. a 5 star rating looks great!! But when I liked a book but didn’t 'love' it, and I give if it a 3 star rating for example, I’m a little afraid people think the book wasn’t good at all. 

The other problem I have with using rating scales is that when you use other rating scales like for example on Goodreads and Amazon, they use different criteria. I always need to give a book a star more on Amazon because I think their criteria for three star books is very different to my own rating criteria.

So I was wondering what your thoughts are about rating scales? Use them or not? And do YOU use them for reviewing a book?


  1. I always use my own rating scale criteria when submitting reviews on other sites, so if I give it 3 stars in my rating system I use the 3 star rating everywhere else too. But indeed they all use different criteria.

    And while I describe a 3 star rating as okay, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy a book. Sure I had some issues with the book, but still enjoyed it and often will continue the series. I think the 3 star rating is the hardest one.

    I still use a rating scale, just so people can get a quick view of how much I enjoyed the book, but I think my review tells a lot more about what I did and didn't enjoy. A rating just seems so simple to sum up all your thoughts and feelings about a book. So I can also see why people would decide not to use them.

    1. I totally agree about the 3 star rating being the hardest one. 3 stars just doesn't sound very good, but when I give a book a 3 star rating I definitely liked the book. I just hope people still read my review when they see the rating.


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