Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blog Tour 'I Call Myself a Feminist'

Today I’m super excited to participate in the blog tour of ‘I Call Myself A Feminist’. In this book Twenty-five girls and women under thirty tell us why they call themselves feminists. ‘I Call Myself A Feminist’ is a collection of essays written by strong, funny and brave woman.  

About the Book:


Is feminism still a dirty word? We asked twenty-five of the brightest, funniest, bravest young women what being a feminist in 2015 means to them.

We hear from Laura Bates (of the Everyday Sexism Project), Reni Eddo-Lodge (award-winning journalist and author), Yas Necati (an eighteen-year-old activist), Laura Pankhurst, great-great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and an activist in her own right, comedian Sofie Hagen, engineer Naomi Mitchison and Louise O'Neill, author of the award-winning feminist Young Adult novel Only Ever Yours. Writing about a huge variety of subjects, we have Martha Mosse and Alice Stride on how they became feminists, Amy Annette addressing the body politic, Samira Shackle on having her eyes opened in a hostel for survivors of acid attacks in Islamabad, while Maysa Haque thinks about the way Islam has informed her feminism and Isabel Adomakoh Young insists that women don't have to be perfect. There are twelve other performers, politicians and writers who include Jade Anouka, Emily Benn, Abigail Matson-Phippard, Hajar Wright and Jinan Younis.

Is the word feminist still to be shunned? Is feminism still thought of as anti-men rather than pro-human? Is this generation of feminists - outspoken, funny and focused - the best we've had for long while? Has the internet given them a voice and power previously unknown?

Rachel Holmes' most recent book is Eleanor Marx: A Life; Victoria Pepe is a literary scout; Amy Annette is a comedy producer currently working on festivals including Latitude; Alice Stride works for Women's Aid and Martha Mosse is a freelance producer and artist.

My Review:

When I was approached to read ‘I Call Myself a Feminist’ I was immediately interested in this book. Since I’ve been raised by mum and haven’t had many good male characters in my life while growing up, I have always been fascinated by strong woman. Woman who do what man do. Equality. Not only for man and woman, but also for people from other countries, poor and rich people. I find it unfair that man in this world have more possibilities than woman. Even on this day. I find it horrible that people with more money are getting more respect than the people who aren’t rich. So reading this book written by twenty five young women and what being a feminist in 2015 means to them, was definitely something I was interested in.

‘I Call Myself a Feminist’ is a great collection of essays written by woman. And I would recommend it to everybody. Not only does it make you think about what the real meaning of the word feminism is, but also that this is something that should be important to many more people.
The essays are all written differently and all have another subjects. And what I loved most was the way these essays were all written by people from different backgrounds. It really was fun to read.

This was such a touching read that really makes you think about life. I loved reading the essays combined with many quotes from celebrities and authors. It definitely was a very inspiring read.  

My Rating:

The Blog Tour:

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from the Little, Brown Book Group.


  1. Wonderful review, and yes I want to live in a world where pretty people, men and rich people aren't given more weight to their influence based on those attributes.


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