Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blog Tour 'Murder on Sea' by Julie Wassmer

Today I’m excited to participate in the blog tour of ‘Murder on Sea’ by Julie Wassmer. This is the second book in the Whitstable Pearl Mystery series, a cozy mystery series. ‘Murder on Sea’ was published on October 1st.

About the Book:

It's not the season of good will to all men... festive month is kicking off in style and Pearl is rushed off her feet with her restaurant, The Whitstable Pearl. She's also busy planning her own family Christmas and providing mulled wine for a charity church fundraiser when Christmas cards begin arriving all over town - filled with spiteful messages from an anonymous writer.

Pearl's curiosity is piqued but having pledged not to take on a case at her detective agency before Christmas, she reluctantly agrees that Canterbury's DCI Mike McGuire should take over; poisoned pen cards are after all a matter for the police. And with only the church fundraiser now between Pearl and Christmas, she invites McGuire along as her guest. The event appears to be a great success; St Alfred's church hall is packed and Pearl happily finds herself standing close to McGuire beneath some mistletoe . . . but then a guest suddenly collapses. Too much of Pearl's delicious mulled wine - or could it be something more sinister?

The last thing Pearl expects for Christmas is murder but soon the bodies are piling up. Can Pearl possibly solve the mystery in time to make 25th December an unforgettable day - or will the murderer contrive to ensure her goose is well and truly cooked before then? 

This book is available at Waterstones, Amazon US, Amazon UK and Eason.

My Review:

A view months ago I read the first book, ‘The WhitstablePearl Mystery’, and since I really enjoyed that book, I was super excited to have the change to read this one.

In ‘Murder on Sea’ we are back in the town of Whitstable, it’s almost Christmas and restaurant owner and private investigator Pearl is in over her head with work. Especially since it’s almost Christmas and a lot needs to be done. Pearl really shouldn’t except new investigator jobs, but when people start receiving strange insulting Christmas cards, Pearl can’t resist to start asking some questions around town. But soon Pearl finds more than she bargained for and soon she is in the middle of a murder investigation.
With the help of DCI Mike McGuire, Pearl is determined to solve this new murder case before Christmas Eve.

I really enjoy reading cozy mysteries. And the Whitstable Pearl Mystery series definitely is one of my favorites in this genre. The writing is easy to follow and easily sparks your interest and imagination. I just love reading about this little town and it’s people.  
The main character Pearl is definitely my favorite. Pearl is thirty nine years old and she seems to have her life al in order. A grown up son, a successful restaurant, a nice home, a starting new private investigator business.. The one thing missing in her life is romance. But even that is looking better every day. Pearl is tough character, who really cares for others. I really love reading about her.

The mystery in this book is definitely good. I didn’t have any idea about how this mystery would end until the very moment it was revealed. One moment I would think I totally knew who the murderer was, and the next I was completely unsure. I love that in mysteries. The fact that this book takes place around Christmas time, my favorite holiday, makes this book even better in my opinion.

Just like with the first book I really love the cover. It’s just so pretty and looks great upon my bookshelves. :P I definitely recommend his book. 

My Rating:

About the Author:

Julie Wassmer is a professional televison drama writer, working on various series including ITV's ‘London's Burning’, C5's ‘Family Affairs’ and BBC's ‘Eastenders’ - which she worked on for 20 years.

Her autobiography ‘More Than Just Coincidence’, was Mumsnet Book of the Year 2011.

The Whitstable Pearl Mystery is the first in her series of crime novels, involving multi-tasking private detective-come-restauranteur, Pearl Nolan.

Julie lives in Whitstable and is well known for her environmental campaigning.

For more information about Julie Wassmer and her books please visit Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.

  I received this book in exchange for my honest review from the Little, Brown Book Group.


  1. I like the style of this cover and how the title and cover fit with the hints to the sea. I am still pretty new to the cozy mystery genre, I've read about 2 or 3 books in the genre so far and still finding my footing and discovering what do and don't like. I like the sound of how the main character has her life in order and only misses the romance. I like it when the mystery keeps me guessing. Great Review!

    1. Thank you Lola. This is really a very nice read and I think that a cozy mystery like this is perfect to get used to the genre. Especially since this book is also focused on town life and even has some romance. I started reading cozy mystery two years ago and I must admit I like it more every time I read one. I think this genre definitely has to grow on you.


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