Monday, August 17, 2015

Surprise Birthday Trip to London

Last week, on August 13th it was my birthday. My boyfriend and I aren’t the ‘big party’ and celebrating kind. We usually celebrate are birthdays with just the two of us. But this year my boyfriend told me he had a surprise planned for me and that we wouldn’t be home the whole day. I honestly had no idea what he planned. I kept thinking of things but my mind just came up empty every time. As you can probably imagine, I was super excited for my birthday this year. And honestly, this is a big deal because I normally just want the day to be over.

So on August 13th, my boyfriend woke me up at 05.30 a.m. He told me, we had to get up and eat our breakfast really fast. I was really confused and just figured I would do what he told me. At 05.45 a.m. I got a present. It was a beautiful London themed bag. Since I love London and we just visited London in May, I was super happy with the bag. I really didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy or think about it, because before I knew it we were on our way to the car. In the car my boyfriend told me to look inside the bag where there were some papers. Reading the papers I couldn’t believe what I saw… Tickets to London!!!

Yep, it’s really true, we were going to London for my birthday. I felt completely overwhelmed and just couldn’t speak. This was the sweetest, greatest, most amazing birthday gift I have ever had. So I was really surprised when my boyfriend told me there would be more surprises today. I mean, how could there be more??

Soon we arrived at the airport with just my London bag and my handbag. At 08.40 a.m. our plane left from Amsterdam to London Luton. After the plane left, and we were in the air, my boyfriend told me the second surprise. He had been in contact with C., a Press Officer of the Little Brown Book Group Publishing office in London. I’ve been emailing with C. for over a year now, and I receive many amazing books from her in exchange for my honest opinion.
When we were in London in May, I really wanted to see the office of the Little Brown Book Group and meet C., but unfortunaly they were closed because it was a bank holiday. I was disappointed but I understood that it just wasn’t possible.
Now, my boyfriend had got in contact with C. because he just felt so bad for me that I couldn’t visit C. and the Little Brown Book Group in May. He got in contact with C. without me knowing about it, and they made an appointment for my birthday on August 13th. seriously have the most amazing, sweet and kindest boyfriend ever!! I was so completely overwhelmed I even cried. So we arrived in London at King’s Cross St. Pancras around 10.30 a.m. London time. We walked around some beautiful buildings, visited some shops and had a lovely little picnic on a bench near the Thames. It was perfect! The weather wasn’t great, but it wasn’t cold and we really had a wonderful time.

At 01.00 p.m. it was time to go to the Little Brown Book Group and meet C. I was really nervous and excited at the same time. Meeting C. and visiting the Little Brown Book Group was amazing. It truly was a dream come true. First we went to the restaurant were we drank coffee with the three of us and got to know each other a little more. I loved talking in English and talking about books (obviously). I honestly couldn’t stop smiling. C. was just so kind and I really enjoyed talking to her. After a little while my boyfriend and I got a tour through the Little Brown Book Group office. It was so fun to see the office. There were desks and books everywhere. But the biggest surprise was when C. told me I could grab whatever book I wanted, because it was my birthday!! I seriously thought I died and went to heaven!! There were amazing books everywhere and I could pick all the books I wanted. It was so much fun.
(Thank you so much C. for the amazing tour, the lovely books and the time you took to speak with us!!)

Around 02.30 p.m. it was time for us to go back to the train station so we would be back in time to catch our flight back to Amsterdam. Unfortunately there was some trouble with the trains, and we were stuck inside a train for almost two hours. Because of that we missed our flight back home. The organization we were flying with, wasn’t very helpful and they told us the next available flight would be the next evening, and we would have to pay for a new ticket.

In the end we called my mom in Holland, who helped us to find a way back home. It wasn’t possible the same day, so we had to buy train tickets to Amsterdam on August 14th.  Since this was supposed to be a one day trip we didn’t have anything with us. No clean clothes, no toothbrush, just my new bag with a lot of new books. But since it was still my birthday and we had an incredible morning and afternoon, we decided to make the best of it. Fortunately for us, we could stay with family in London were we could spend the night.

So we had an unexpected extra night and morning in London. We spend the morning around St. Pancras Station were there were a lot of nice stores and buildings. I had some English Breakfast and around 02.00 p.m. our train would leave to Amsterdam. Believe it or not, but there was an overhead power problem in the Eurotunnel which caused us even more delay. Friday night around 08.30 p.m. we arrived back home with an amazing story to tell, great memories and a lot of new books. It was the best birthday ever and I just am the luckiest girl alive.

Thank you baby for my amazing birthday!! I love you so much!!!

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  1. Superleuk! Zo te lezen echt genoten!! X

    1. Jaaaaa!! Het was echt zo gaaf!! Ik ben er nog helemaal onderste boven van :D

  2. That is an amazing day! And that was so great of him to reach out to C so you could see Little Brown! And all those books, awesome!
    I just love how in Europe you guys can take those day trips to places. I wish I could easily go to London for a day!

    1. It really was amazing. I still can't believe it really happened. It was just the perfect day! The books were awesome and I loved how everything looked. And those bookshelves... they were electric!! :O
      It's funny how close London really is. I kind of forget because it feels far away but it's only an hour flight! I could do it everyday if it wasn't so expensive :)

  3. What a wonderful boyfriend and despite some travel hiccups it all sounds like it was lovely!

    1. He really is wonderful! I'm so lucky! ;)
      The trip was amazing and even though we spend a lot of time in the train, I loved it all the way!! :D


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