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Sunday's Author Spotlight: Joanne C. Berroa

Today I’m excited to have Author Joanne C. Berroa on the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. Joanne is the author of several Romance novels. Her first book was publised in 1983. Learn more about Joanne here on Maureen's Books today!


The Author and her Books:


Today I’m excited to have Romance Author Joanne C. Berroa on the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. She writes for Rebel Ink Press and has seven romance books available, five full length novels both in print and ebook versions, and two novellas. She began writing while in grade school, with her first published novel dating back to 1983 entitled “The Barbary Coasters.” She lives in southern New Jersey with her family and teaches piano when not writing or reading.

Of Hungarian descent, her novel “The Diamond Cross” is near and dear to her heart as it begins in Budapest in the late 1800’s and spans two continents with its family saga/romance tale. Readers loved it so much, they didn’t want the story to end. So Joanne wrote a sequel to The Diamond Cross entitled “The Diamond Legacy” bringing the story to a close. While it deals with most of the characters from The Diamond Cross, “Legacy” can also be read as a stand-alone romance.

Her other novels impact upon her personal life stories. “My Life, My Heart” is an historical/contemporary time travel novel that deals with, among other things, closure—something she never had when her husband was killed in an automobile accident. Another, “On Angels’ Wings” was originally written in the 1980’s and recently rewritten into a much better story. Interestingly, the original hero in the World War II story was named Johnny and he was a Navy fighter pilot. Years after she wrote the first version, she had a son she named Johnny and at the age of 17, he became a licensed pilot. He had no knowledge of his character in the novel. The fact that he chose to learn to fly was pure coincidence. He has since read the book, which Joanne dedicated to him and his love of flying. Oddly enough, her son is seriously contemplating a career as a fighter pilot.

You can find a little of Joanne in all her novels yet they are as varied as night and day. She’s written about a Catholic priest in the 1800’s who falls in love with a gypsy woman who is the last of her tribe. She is no ordinary woman. She’s a wolf shifter who can also raise the dead. It’s called “The SheWolf and the Priest.” In “Rapture on the High Seas” a modern day billionaire’s daughter vacationing on her yacht in the Indian Ocean is captured by Somali pirates. How is this a romance? Joanne smiles and says you’ll have to read it to find out. If you like historical western romances, “Love’s Sweet Vengeance” is about a lady sheriff in the 1860’s when women didn’t hold high profile jobs, and a bounty hunter who chase down a notorious criminal. Their journey into finding love doesn’t go easy, however. Along with mortal danger comes an Apache attack and the rest is…history!

About 'The Diamond Cross': Diamond Cross is a sweeping historical romance/saga that exemplifies love, hope, fortitude and personal triumph in a spectacular, hedonistic era. Siblings János and Eva Imre emigrate from Budapest to New York in 1873 in pursuit of elusive Bart Karolyi, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who has stolen Eva’s heart, her virginity and the entire Imre family’s savings. János and pregnant Eva face incredible odds after being processed through Castle Garden--the gateway to America. Will the family heirloom, a fabulously stunning diamond cross, help sustain them and guarantee a future for Eva’s bastard child? Or will it prove to be their undoing? Can Janós rise above adversity to gain revenge on the man who destroyed the simplicity and sanity of their lives?

Even in the midst of personal chaos, hope shines through as Janós and his son Brenton discover the presence of a striking thirteen year old girl in the lobby of their hotel in Saratoga Springs. Who is this young beauty and why was she abandoned upon their doorstep? Does she have the power to rearrange their lives, to forever imprint herself upon them? Heather Hatfield captures the hearts of the Imre men folk, maturing into a breathtaking young woman with a keen business sense. Neither János nor Brenton can get enough of her. But whose heart does she hold dear? Can she love both father and son equally? Is her presence in their lives a good thing, or will it destroy them?

This book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks

About 'The Diamond Legacy':
The year 1907 finds Heather and Brenton Emery celebrating seven years of blissful marriage. They are anything but the average couple. The son of Hungarian immigrants, Brenton owns and manages a thriving, top-notch Saratoga Springs hotel and vaudeville pavilion with his partner-wife Heather. She’s an entrepreneur in her own right. Blessed with a keen business sense, she’s made millions of dollars in her undertakings.

But they soon learn even the best marriages have problems, and their commitment to each other is sorely tested. A charismatic billionaire makes Heather an offer she simply can’t refuse. Given the opportunity to spread her wings thousands of miles away from home, she must choose between marriage and her career. Her choice stuns Brenton. Will the handsome and brilliant San Francisco architect Heather joins forces with succeed in rendering the coup de grace on Heather’s now tenuous marriage?

To further complicate matters, Brenton’s secretary is astute and alluring. Heather’s plans fit her agenda nicely. Brenton is faced with the question: How far can a business friendship stretch before it is no longer just friendship?

The Diamond Legacy is a romance saga packed with bold, colorful characters and surprising twists that will tear at your heartstrings. Can Brenton’s and Heather’s love for each other rise above all odds and endure, or is love sometimes not enough?

This book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks.

About 'My Life, My Heart':
How does a brilliant and independent woman from the 21st century fall in love with a dashing colonel in the 18th century? How can that love survive the test of time to live on through three centuries?

Elena Martin is a beautiful and intelligent time traveler who experiences the kind of love one only reads about in novels when she finds herself back in time during the American Revolution. Sebastian Rogers is a ruggedly handsome colonel in the Continental Army who sweeps her off her feet. Faced with the daunting decision to stay forever in the past or go forward in time to the present 21st century, she makes the ultimate decision for the sake of love to stay and forge a life with Sebastian.

But there are dark clouds on their horizon, and Elena soon finds the need to return to her own century where she is strangely drawn to another man, Brett Darby, her Princeton University professor. Brett harbors an unsettling secret---he can see and feel things that cannot be explained by reason or logic. What powers do Elena and Brett hold over each other, and why are their lives irrevocably intertwined?

My Life, My Heart is a novel that leaves the reader feeling good about love, life, and death. It is about endurance and hope, and a love so strong it defies time.

This book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks



For more information about Joanne C. Berroa and many of her other books please visit her website, her blog, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

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