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Blog Tour 'Family Magic' by Patti Larsen

Today I’m excited to participate in the Blog Tour of ‘Family Magic’ by Patti Larsen. ‘Family Magic’ is a young adult paranormal novel that won 1st place in World's Best Story contest and is published by Premiere. The tour runs August 3-31 with mostly reviews as well as author interviews and guest posts. Check out the tour page for more information.


About the Book: mom’s a witch, her dad’s a demon and she just wants to be ordinary. But, when an insidious evil comes after her family, Sydlynn Hayle has to choose to be the normal girl she craves or step up, embrace her magic and save her coven from disaster.

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My Review:

In my teenage years I read a lot of books about witches, Wicca and magic. I just loved every book involving one or three of those things. Lately I haven’t read many books about witches and magic. I don’t come across them as much anymore, but I also just didn’t really feel like it. Maybe because I’m getting older and don’t like reading about ‘young’ witches as much as when I myself was ‘younger’. To be completely honest, I just didn’t really know what to expect when I started reading this book. But since the book description sounded really fun I really wanted to give it a try and see what I would think.

'Family Magic'
won 1st place in World's Best Story contest
In this book we meet young Sydlynn Hayle, daughter of a witch and a demon who both are very powerful. But all Syd really wants is to be normal. Everything about being a half witch half demon and magic, just sounds horrible to her. All her life, Syd has fought against her destiny and her families wishes, but when her family is in danger Syd has to make a tough decision.

This book is very easy to follow. The writing is easy but interesting and I soon felt like I had been reading about Syd and her family for a while. I really felt like I knew her character. Although this is a story about magic and witches, it felt more like a YA novel about how teenagers struggle with finding their own path. Syd is a girl who always felt like she didn’t belong. Not with her family and not with the people on her school. I loved reading about her life and how she had to grow up fast.
Although Syd had some childish and petty responses when it comes to her mother and being a witch, I still really liked her character. I definitely would have wanted to be her friend when I was a teenager.

This book is fast-paced and never gets boring. I really liked it. It was fun and interesting and I felt like I just needed to keep reading. This book is definitely one I would read again and I recommend it to all YA lovers, even the ones who don't really like fantasy. It’s just an awesome read.

My Rating:


About the Author:

Patti is an award-winning author with a passion for the paranormal. Now with multiple series in happy publication, she lives in Canada with her patient husband and six demanding cats.

For more information about Patti and her books please visit her website and Twitter.

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  1. So happy to hear you loved this one! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop and sharing your thoughts!

    1. You're welcome. It was really a lot of fun and I loved reading it :)


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