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Blog Tour 'Winter' by Sarah Remy

Today I’m excited to participate in the Blog Tour of ‘Winter’ by Sarah Remy.  This is the first book in The Manhattan Exiles series and is a New Adult Urban Fantasy. ‘Winter’ was published in September 2013.
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About the Book:’s not your ordinary teenager.

While trying to rescue his Sidhe family from exile, he mistakenly unleashes the monstrous Dread Host upon humankind.

Winter’s mother wants nothing more than to find a way to break the curse keeping the Sidhe imprisoned on Manhattan. New York City is driving Winter’s father slowly mad. Winter’s sister wears Chanel and longs for a Fairy Court she’s never seen. And Winter’s mentor is a talking mouse.

Winter wants to save the world.

When he discovers an unlikely changeling lost in the subway, Winter realizes he’s been given a chance to finally banish the Host, and maybe even save his family. But the changeling isn’t quite what she seems, and Winter’s already unstable world begins to spiral out of control. 

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My Review:

When I first saw the cover of ‘Winter’, I knew this was a book I wanted to read. I really fell in love with this book cover. It just looks magical to me and I couldn’t wait to start reading it. So when I got an email and learned I would be a part of the blog tour, I was super excited.

From the very first page ‘Winter’ is a book that grabs your attention. The strangest thing is, you don’t even get everything that’s going on in this book. There is a lot happening but the author doesn’t really explain it at the beginning. Slowly on, while reading this book you find out what is going on. Sounds weird? Yep, I know.. but this really made this book interesting. And it really makes you want to keep reading because you just want to know what is going on and why. This was definitely a unique part about this book.

What I also really liked about this book was the fantasy part. This story was interesting, unique and definitely well thought of. The characters are very interesting. And although all the different characters confused me at times, (I really can’t keep all those different names a part) it was fun to read about their friendships, families and their struggles with each other and their lives.

Although this book was really enjoyable I had some difficulties with it. I didn’t feel a connection to anyone of the characters. And there were some things I just didn’t really understand, and some stuff just stayed unexplained. I, for example, didn’t really get why humans and fey people didn’t really get along. There are still a lot of questions I would have liked to get an answer to.

On the other hand, Sarah Remy really did make sure I want to read her next book. I just need to learn more about this world and the characters.
This book was a fun and interesting read, which definitely never got boring. 

My Rating:


About the Author:

In 1994 Sarah Remy earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Pomona College in California. Since then she’s been employed as a receptionist at a high-powered brokerage firm, managed a boutique bookstore, read television scripts for a small production company, and, more recently, worked playground duty at the local elementary school.

When she’s not taking the service industry by storm, she’s writing fantasy and science fiction. Sarah likes her fantasy worlds gritty, her characters diverse and fallible, and she doesn’t believe every protagonist deserves a happy ending.

Before joining the Harper Voyager family, she published with EDGE, Reuts, and Madison Place Press.

Sarah lives in Washington State with plenty of animals and people, both. In her limited spare time she rides horses, rehabs her old home, and supervises a chaotic household. She can talk to you endlessly about Sherlock Holmes, World of Warcraft, and backyard chicken husbandry, and she’s been a member of one of Robin Hobb’s longest-running online fan clubs since 2002.

Visit her website or find Sarah on Twitter @sarahremywrites, and on Tumblr at huntpeck.


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