Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blog Tour 'Tracer' by Rob Boffard

Today I’m excited to participate in the Blog Tour of ‘Tracer’ by Rob Boffard. ‘Tracer’ is a new Sci Fi Thriller and was published on July 18th by Orbit Books.  


About the Book:

Imagine ‘The Bourne Identity’ meets ‘Gravity’ and you'll get ‘TRACER’, the most exciting action thriller set in space you'll ever read.

Sarah Lotz, author of The Three calls it "fast, exhilarating and unforgettable".

A huge space station orbits the Earth, holding the last of humanity. It's broken, rusted, falling apart. We've wrecked our planet, and now we have to live with the consequences: a new home that's dirty, overcrowded and inescapable.

What's more, there's a madman hiding on the station. He's about to unleash chaos. And when he does, there'll be nowhere left to run.

In space, every second counts. Who said nobody could hear you scream?

'A stunning debut that never lets up, from the nerve-jangling beginning to the explosive end'
James Douglas, author of The Doomsday Machine

'TRACER sets a new standard for all-action SF'
Ken MacLeod

My Review:

When I first read about ‘Tracer’ I was immediately excited to read this book. It just sounded like a very exciting, thrilling and different book and I was looking forward to start reading it. The cover is simple but definitely grabs your eye.

In ‘Tracer’ we meet Riley Hale, Oren Darnell and Prakesh Kumar. Three very different characters who all life on the spaceship called ‘Outer Earth’. When Earth was destroyed years ago, some people created ‘Outer Earth’ a spaceship with all the necessities for humans to survive. But ‘Outer Earth’ wasn’t designed to exist so long, and not with so many people on it. Now, someone on the spaceship is trying to unleash complete and other chaos.

This book was definitely different than the other books I read lately. But not in a bad way. This book is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Although there are some ‘slow’ parts in this book, this book mostly makes you want to keep on reading. The author created a very interesting and different world. The way the author described the setting on the spaceship and the conditions the people lived in, that was definitely interesting. For example the way people like Riley, had to look out all the time for ‘gang’ people who wanted to steel the packages she needed to deliver.

‘Tracer’ is written through the three main characters point of views. I really enjoyed that. Especially since those three characters are all very different. It definitely made this book even more fascinating to read.
The character I loved the most was Riley. From the very beginning I just really liked her character. I loved how strong she was and how she did her job as a tracer.

This book is a must read if your into Sci- fi and dystopian novels. It definitely was a fun read for me.

My Rating:


The Blog tour:


About the Author:

Rob Boffard is a South African author who splits his time between London, Vancouver and Johannesburg. He has worked as a journalist for over a decade, and has written articles for publications in more than a dozen countries, including the Guardian and Wired in the UK. Tracer is his first novel.

For more information about Rob Boffard please visit his website, Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from the Little, Brown Book Group.

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