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Sunday's Author Spotlight: Denisea Kampe

Today I’m excited to have author Denisea Kampe on the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. Denisea Kampe is the author of several contemporary romance novels. Her latest novel ‘Bridge of Lies’ was published this year. Read more about this new book in the guest post Denisea wrote especially for Maureen’s Books. 

Guest Post: Denisea Kampe

Good Sunday morning, y’all! And thank you, Maureen for hosting me today on your Sunday Author Spotlight. I’m so excited to be here and share my inspirational military romance, Bridge of Lies, with you and all your readers.

Long ago and far away, I wrote under a pen name, which I’ve since abandoned going on three years now. Truth be told, that pen name girl, she wasn’t me. She wrote things I’m not particularly proud of now and swerved far left from what I originally set out to do: write contemporary romance. I didn’t know ‘Bridge of Lies’ would fall under the inspirational category until it fell under the inspirational category. It was the first thing that came to me after the switch from pen name to real me so it’s what hit the paper, and honestly I’m not sure if another true inspirational title will come to me, but if it does I’m at the ready. It’s not the first title published under real me, but it’s the first thing I wrote completely under my own name, so I’m pretty proud of it and its message. About 'Bridge of Lies'… 
With his father’s blessing, against his mother’s wishes, and without the woman he’d thought to someday call his wife, Eli Jackson left his hometown and the family farm behind in pursuit of a career beyond hay bales and cows. For ten years he’s served his country and served it well with multiple tours to the Middle East courtesy of the Marine Corps. In all that time, he rarely returned home and never for any great length of time, preferring not to hear the worst about himself through a rumor he in fact started. But after missing his ten year class reunion, something calls Eli back to the snowiest Christmas Missouri has seen in years. Never did he expect that literally in the midst of the storm, the girl he believed he could never have would slip back into his life. 

Calliope Barnwell never thought for a moment she was in Eli Jackson’s league. Sure, they mingled in the same social circles in high school, but she knew as well as anyone she was there by default. After hearing how he treated his girlfriend before leaving for boot camp, Calliope wondered if she ever really knew him at all, even if her contact with him had been limited to her observations from afar and she pushes him out of her mind. Well, for the most part. His fly by night visits home only serve to remind her of what she knew she could never have and the fact she actually misses him befuddles her. Yet one winter’s night, he manages to not only plant himself in her path, he figures out almost all her dirty little secrets in a matter of hours. 

Then in that voice as smooth as aged bourbon, Eli starts talking about the space that exists between being just friends and more. Calliope wants more. Eli’s plan to help her recover from her fall from grace seems sound, but sometimes more comes with a hefty price tag and after spanning that space with a bridge of lies which bows under the stress and threatens to collapse, they find themselves questioning if the cost is worth it.

I thought this morning I’d share a few behind the scenes facts about Bridge of Lies and how it came to fruition.

Marriages of convenience are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been occurring since the dawn of time when woman knew she needed the crème de la crème of the crop in order to survive. Love wasn’t necessarily as much a part of the equation as eating was. There are cases of military men and women marrying for convenience sake rather than love. It’s not condoned and can be a punishable offense if it’s discovered the marriage is a fraud with the only purpose being a fleecing of government monies and resources. While I’ve never known of a single case of fraud being proven, it does in fact exist at times. The occurrences of fraudulent marriages I’ve been privy to was the catalyst for the plot line 'Bridge of Lies' follows.

Although I never specifically mention their exact address, Eli and Calli live in the same base house MarshFox and I lived in when first arriving at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The housing area it was located in has since gone through some serious renovation and although it looks nothing like it did when I first set foot in it back in 2001, it will always be the tiny brick house where I planted my first flowers that someone else would inherit. And the mention of having to know exactly how to utilize closet space in those small homes, totally real!

Eli’s job is in the communications field. Although MarshFox started out as a heavy equipment mechanic, he spent some time with a comm unit because he knows how to work on the diesel run generators they use to light up field exercises. It was fun revisiting our days with “the wing” in my mind as I wrote Eli’s work scenes.

The commissary… There is a point in the story one of the secondary characters has a run in with a wife who spreads rumors like wild fire, you guessed it, at the commissary. If you do your marketing on base, it is inevitable you will run into a few people you know. The Corps is a small world. Some of these people will be friend and some foe. Lesson learned—be mindful of what you say to anyone you encounter who might know a friend of a friend of a friend.

Eli and Calli have known each other since childhood. When they reunite, it’s in and around their childhood hometown. I never mention a specific name of that town, but it is based on my hometown in Missouri. And, no. Neither Eli nor Calli are based on me and a long lost boy, nor anyone I know from that town, although Eli embodies the values many of the boys I grew up with had instilled in them from their fathers.

Now that you know a bit of the back story behind the story, here’s a short snippet from the book…
“Where’s Calliope?” Eli asked, grabbing the ticket before anyone else could and standing to pull his wallet out of his back pocket.
“Punching out,” Gail answered, taking the crisp bills Eli offered and turning toward the front, presumably to collect his change.
“Keep it,” Eli tossed her way as he darted toward the door where he could see their canary yellow cab just pulling in as Calliope made her way across the parking lot. He waved over his shoulder toward the table he’d just left. “You guys go ahead without me. I’ll find a way home.”
In the least, he owed the woman an apology. An offer of dinner wasn’t out of the question either, since somehow a mouthful of words didn’t seem enough to make up for picking a scab off what was clearly a still festering wound.

By the time Eli pushed the door open and stepped out onto the pavement, which had only grown slicker with the new round of wintery mix now falling, Calliope was slowly making her way down the sidewalk toward town. Bundled in nothing more than a heavy sweater, her face was buried in the collar as she took tiny, metered steps into the freezing darkness. He imagined her legs must be aching from exposure as her uniform skirt ended just above her knees and bare skin gleamed between there and the tops of her boots which ended mid-calf.

“Calliope, wait,” Eli shouted against a wind strong enough to take his breath and steal his words before they made it past the end of the building. If she was afraid to drive home in the weather, he’d make sure she got there safely. That is, if she’d believe him when he said he was sobered up sufficiently to accomplish that. What the coffee hadn’t taken care of the knife sharp blade of winter air had. “Calliope Barnwell,” he tried a bit louder, sprinting as quickly as the glassy ground would allow. “Wait.”

Her steps halted as she turned her head and peered from beneath the sweater’s collar at him half jogging, half skating toward her. Without a word, she returned her gaze toward town and set off again, teetering a bit before finding sure footing again.

Between her wobbling along and his slightly quicker pace, Eli caught up to her in no time. He in fact passed her then turned and stopped so she’d be forced to either stop as well and acknowledge him or go around. Neither scenario materialized though as she gasped and stumbled, her eyes growing wide with fright and her arms flapping in circles as she tried to regain balance. Her purse slid to her wrist before stopping and hanging precariously.

“Oh, man,” Eli groaned as he scooted forward just in time to keep her from hitting the ground. He ran his arms around her middle and held on for dear life, spreading his stance to ensure they both kept their footing. “I’m so sorry. Seems I’m not doing a great job in the I’d like to get reacquainted department tonight.” As they steadied, one of Eli’s hands strayed from just under one of her breasts and eased down the gentle swell of Calliope’s belly to rest at her side where a minute tic caressed his palm. “Oh my God,” he breathed. “Are you pregnant?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a contagious condition,” she answered in a wavering voice over chattering teeth. “You can turn loose now.”

Again, thanks for hosting me today and thanks readers for coming by and spending a few minutes with me. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, just leave them in the comments. If you’d like to keep up with me, you can find me at my Blog and on Facebook. 'Bridge of Lies' is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Happy reading!

Denisea Kampe

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