Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review 'Hotel of Seduction' by Marina Anderson

Are you ready for a weekend away at the Hotel of Seduction?

Grace has won the man of her dreams - and her fantasies. Brooding, sensual, wealthy and handsome, their days and nights are filled with pleasure. But can this enigmatic man truly love her?

Together they have set up a secret, exclusive hotel for adventurous couples, designed to open their guests' eyes to the darker, deeper side of desire. But one of the visitors has an agenda, and David is becoming distracted by a new arrival.

As they explore the delights on offer, Grace realizes this is a test: if she fails, she will lose David to his next passing fancy. If she succeeds, she will secure his love for ever, and he will finally invite her into his world . . .

Take some time away and allow yourself to be seduced by The Hotel of Seduction. 

My Review:

A view weeks ago I received ‘Hotel of Seduction’ in exchange for my honest review. I never heard of Marina Anderson before, so I was really excited to start in this book. I love reading books by authors I haven’t read before, and this book sounded interesting.

In ‘Hotel of Seduction’ we meet Grace. Grace is happily in love with David, her job as a director is going great and now she is starting a new hotel with David. This hotel is not like the average hotel. This hotel is an secret, and exclusive hotel for couples who like sexual adventures. Although the business is going great, Grace keeps being scared of losing David. What if he loses interest in her like he did with so many woman before her?

This was one unexpected read for me. I knew that this would be an erotic romance novel but this book was really too much on the erotic side and far to less on the romantic side. The writing was very clinical and it didn’t make me like the characters at all. I didn’t like the sex parts because it just felt so unromantic, and since this was mostly what this book was about I just didn’t enjoy it. I really missed the romance. And I didn’t feel the connection between the two main characters Grace and David. I just wanted to scream to Grace ‘RUN’, because David seemed like really bad news.

Although I liked how this book took place in London, I just didn’t really ‘feel’ this book. This book went  from one sex scene in to another and because of that the story of the two main characters was on the background. This book just wasn’t for me.

My Rating:


About the Author:


Marina Anderson is the pseudonym of British author Margaret Bingley, whose novels have been published all over the world. Margaret uses this pseudonym for her series of erotica novels. She also publishes erotica for women under the pseudonym Fredrica Alleyn.

For more information about Marina Anderson please visit her website, Facebook and Twitter.


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