Monday, June 8, 2015

My Dream Trip To London!

Almost two weeks ago one of my childhood dreams finally came true. I went to London with my guy. I
have been dreaming of going to London ever since I was a little girl. There was always something about that city that spoke to me. When I was seven years old it was the place were Peter Pan
stood on the clock hands of the Big Ben, when I was twelve years old it was of course the place where Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, when I was fifteen years old it was the place were Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts were staying in a house with a blue door and for as long as I can remember it is the place were books and reading are common and appreciated. These things were always in my mind while thinking of London. Over the years many people around me visited London, I never had the opportunity to go. But on May 23rd my dream finally came through and we took the plane to London Heathrow.

It was just amazing! From the moment I stepped out of the train in London I was in complete awe. I just couldn’t believe I was finally there. I had the biggest smile on my face and I kept looking at my boyfriend to check if it was really happening. And it was. After walking and smiling to all those English speaking people (I most have scared a lot of people LOL) we slowly went on to our hotel. It was a half hour walk and I just couldn’t stop looking around. And then out of the blue.. there it was… the Big Ben!! What an amazing piece of art! It was just beautiful.  

Our Hotel was near the Big Ben and it was truly a great place to stay. It was really luxurious and although I felt like we didn’t completely fit in there with our jeans and t-shirts it was a perfect hotel for this trip. Not that we spend much time there!
After checking in and putting our bags into the room we went on our first real walk in London. I felt like such a tourist, making pictures everywhere, pointing at everything I saw just to make sure that my boyfriend also saw it.

After seeing the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey (for the second time but now without luggage) we went on our search for some bookstores and a pub for a real English beer. The first thing we found was a pub so I went inside to order two beers. I should explain right now that I don’t like beer. Not even a little bit. But I thought: When in London, do as the Londoners do! Well, I did, but it was horrible.. I just don’t like beer. But the smile stayed on my face!

Our search for some bookstores let us first to Foyles, a huge bookstore on Charing Cross Road. And with huge I really mean huge. I looked my eyes out. And of course I looked around for a long time and eventually bought some cool new books.
Next we went to a little second hand book store. I bought a very good looking copy of ‘Tess d’Urbervilles’ and one of the owners of the shop even showed me a very special (and expensive) version of the book.
The first day ended after a very nice meal at the Shakespeare’s Head, a lovely pub with some delicious English food.

On the second day we woke up early and after a very nice English Breakfast, we went on with our investigation of London. It was a very busy day and our feet were hurting like hell at the end of the day. But it was so worth it. We went to King’s Cross Station and visited the little Harry Potter ‘monument’.

After snapping some photo’s we went to The Tower Of London. What a beautiful historic place to visit. It was a really fun experience and I even played for photographer for a view other tourists.

After The Tower of London we went to the Tower Bridge. The weather was beautiful so we decided to buy some drinks and sit on a bench and just look at that beautiful bridge. And of course we made some photo’s.
After the Tower Bridge we went to Harrods. I heard a lot about this huge store, so it was definitely on my ‘to-see’ list. And boy what a store. We walked around that store for a long time. It was too expensive to buy anything, but it was so fun to look at everything.
After Harrods, we visited one of the Waterstones bookstores. While my boyfriend was resting his feet, I bought some new books. After looking at all those wonderful books it was time for a drink and some food. So we went pub hunting again.

On the third day it was time for the Hop-on, Hop- off bus. The day went a little different than planned because there was a city run, and the streets were blocked until two p.m. But we made the best of it and we watched the run, went to the National Gallery, bought some souvenirs, walked around the little streets, had lunch and then we started our bus tour. It was really cold but the bus tour was a lot of fun. It was a tour of an hour and a half and there were just so many beautiful things to see. I just didn’t know which way to look.
After the tour we went to Buckingham Palace. The final place in London, I just had to see on this trip. And it was truly beautiful. I love how mysterious that place looks.

After a wonderful dinner we went to bed exhausted. And then it was already Tuesday. The day we went back home. The time flew by, and we had an amazing trip. It was truly a dream come true.

The books I bought this trip!

I’m going back someday! I haven’t seen all of London yet, which is of course impossible to do in three and a half days. But I went there and my dream came true!

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  1. Wow, Maureen, you packed in a lot! I'm glad you loved London and saw some of the iconic sights.

    1. I really did! LOL!! My poor boyfriend.. he couldn't walk without pain for days!
      Thanks for stopping by ;)

  2. Wow, Maureen...London is also on my wish list...We are saving to go there, maybe next year...It's so great that you got to enjoy so much and your post is very informative...I'll be using it to plan my holiday there! :)
    Thanks and loved the book haul you grabbed..:)

    1. Thank you! :D I really hope you get to go there. It's an amazing city and there are soooo many bookshops. I couldn't stop buying them. LOL


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