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Blog Tour 'You Can't Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet' by Juliette Harper

Today I’m excited to participate in the Blog Tour of 'You Can't Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet' by Juliette Harper. This is a cozy mystery and it’s the first book in the Study Club Mystery series.
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About the Book:
Wanda Jean Milton discovers her husband, local exterminator Hilton Milton, dead on her new shag carpet with an Old Hickory carving knife sticking out of his chest. Beside herself over how she’ll remove the stain, and grief-stricken over Hilton’s demise, Wanda Jean finds herself the prime suspect in the case. But she is also a member of “the” local Study Club, a bastion of independent Texas feminism 1960s style. Club President Clara Wyler has no intention of allowing a member to be a murder suspect during her administration. Aided by her younger sister and County Clerk, Mae Ella Gormley; Sugar Watson, the proprietress of Sugar’s Style and Spray; and Wilma Schneider, Army MASH veteran and local RN, the Club women set out to clear Wanda Jean’s name — never guessing the local dirt they’ll uncover in the process.

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My Review:

Ever since I read ‘Langston’s Daughters’, the first book in The Lockwood Legacy series by Juliette Harper, I’ve been a huge fan of her books. Juliette Harper’s writing is just so fun and easy to read that I enjoy spending time with her characters. So when I was invited to participate in the Blog Tour of ‘You Can’t Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet’, I immediately signed up. Although I’m not a very huge cozy mystery fan, I enjoy some of them, and since this is Juliette Harper, I decided to give it a try.

In ‘You Can’t Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet’ we meet the ladies of the local Study Club Clara, Mae Ella, Sugar, Wilma and Wanda Jean. Wanda Jean has been accused of murdering her own husband with an Old Hickory carving knife on her brand new Shag Carpet. Since Clara has no intention of allowing a member of the club to be a murder suspect she decides to get all the ladies of the study club together to start their own investigation.

To be honest it took me a little while to get into this story. ‘You Can’t Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet’ is definitely not an everyday kind of read. This book takes place in the sixties and there are a lot of characters who have a part in this story. Since I’m not very good with names, this made this read a little difficult in the beginning because I kept forgetting who everybody was. But since it’s such a different, funny and sometimes just weird story I kept on reading. And I’m glad I did.

There are some really fun parts in this book, or to be honest this book is just funny all the way. I honestly am in awe of Juliette Harper just being able to write this kind of book. ‘You Can’t Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet’ takes place in a little Texas city in the sixties. There is a lot of gossip in this town. Everyone knows everything about each other, at least that is was the Study Club ladies always thought.
The interactions between the Study Club ladies are just hilarious. They all have their own opinions and they are not scared to tell people what they think. Since they are investigating a murder this leads to some very fun encounters.

The mystery in this book is very enjoyable, even if it seems to be a little on the background because of the amazing and fun Study Club ladies. I was definitely surprised at the end of the book when the murderer was revealed.

‘You Can’t Get Blood Out of a Shag Carpet’ is just the first book in the series and I really enjoyed. I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a different and fun cozy mystery. 

My Rating:



Sugar Watson took a long drag on her Camel and critically appraised the height of Clara Wyler’s black bouffant. “You want me to go a little higher, honey?” she asked, punctuating the question with a well-developed smoker’s cough. “If I rat it up real good, I can get you another 2 or 3 inches on top.”

Clara squinted at herself in the mirror. “I think I’m good, Sugar,” she said. “What with Wanda Jean finding Hilton dead in the living room, I don’t want to look insincere at Study Club.”

Sugar leaned in conspiratorially. “I know we don’t ever throw anybody out of the Study Club, but my Lord, what in the world are we gonna do if she really did kill him?”

Clara glanced around to confirm that all the other women in Sugar’s Style and Spray were safely tucked under the dryers. “Well, she called me herself to assure me that she didn’t do it,” Clara said. “She owned up to wanting to, but she didn’t do it.”

“Well, hell,” Sugar said, “we’ve all thought about killing our husbands. That’s just part of being married. But nobody’s ever walked in my house and found Slim laying there with an Old Hickory carving knife sticking out of his chest. What did Wanda Jean say about finding him?”

“She told me the first thing she thought about was how hard it was gonna be to get the blood out of that new shag carpet they put in last month,” Clara said. “You know they went with the deep pile.”

“I know,” Sugar said. “I looked at it too when T.J. put the ad in the paper, but my vacuum cleaner just won’t suck up dirt good enough for that. Is it a light carpet?”

“I didn’t think to ask her,” Clara said, unclipping the plastic cape around her neck and handing it to Sugar. “Anyway, she said she just stood there thinking about how you can’t get blood out of shag carpet. Then it dawned on her maybe she ought to check him for a pulse.”

“I hope it wasn’t a light carpet,” Sugar said, rearranging cans of Aqua Net on the counter. “Those boys from the ambulance service never think to wipe their feet before they go in to get a body. You should have seen the mess they made when Blake Trinkle died. They just ruined Maybelline’s carpet. She spent as much getting it cleaned as she did on the funeral.”

“That’s so inconsiderate,” Clara agreed. “People just don’t think. Now you’re not gonna be late this afternoon, are you?”

“Of course not,” Sugar said. “Flowers knows not to book me on the third Thursday at three. Study Club day is sacred.”

“Good, I have to go by the bakery and . . . ”

The look on Sugar’s face stopped Clara mid-sentence. “Good Lord, Sugar,” she said. “You look like you swallowed one of your Camels.”

“I think we’re gonna be one short for Club,” Sugar croaked. “Look.”

Clara glanced out the front window in time to see Sheriff Lester Harper helping a handcuffed Wanda Jean Milton out of the backseat of his car. “What is that man thinking!” she exclaimed. “Parading her in front of God and everybody on the courthouse square!”

About the Author:

Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. ‘You Can’t Get Blood Out of Shag Carpet’ is the first installment of Harper’s debut cozy Study Club Mysteries, an hilariously funny look at the often absurd eccentricities of small town life. The second book, to be released in coming months, is called ‘You Can’t Put a Corpse in a Parade’.

The droll series, set in the 1960s, is a light-hearted spinoff of Harper’s Lockwood Legacy a nine-book chronicle of the lives of three sisters who inherit a ranch in Central Texas following their father’s suicide. Three of the novels are currently available: ‘Langston’s Daughters’, ‘Baxter’s Draw’, and ‘Alice’s Portrait’. The fourth book, ‘Mandy’s Father’, will appear in Summer 2015.

And don’t miss Harper’s first foray into the world of the supernatural, ‘Descendants of the Rose’, Book 1 in the Selby Jensen Paranormal Mystery series. The second Selby Jensen book, ‘Lost in Room 636’ is also scheduled for a Summer 2015 release.

Pauletti, an Easterner of Italian descent, is an accomplished musician with an eye for art and design. Williamson, a Texan, worked as a journalist and university history instructor before becoming a full-time freelance writer in 2002.  

For more information about Juliette Harper please visit the website, Facebook and Twitter.



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