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Sunday's Author Spotlight: Barbara Brooke

Today I’m really excited to have author Barbara Brooke on the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. Barbara Brooke is the author of ‘Glimmers’, a romance novel that got published in 2012. Since ‘Glimmers’ came out it received many raving reviews and also won some amazing awards. The cover looks beautiful and this book is definitely going on my TBR. The second book in the Glimmers series 'Beyond Glimmers' will be coming this year!

About 'Glimmers':
A simple touch and suddenly, Paige is in the past — living someone else’s life, seeing the world through her eyes, and feeling her deepest emotions.

Paige used to think memories existed only in one’s mind. But now, she knows better. She can’t explain how or why, but she has “glimmers”: special moments that have remained behind — clinging to a letter, a ring, even a worn-out pair of boots.

When Paige returns from each glimmer, a small part of her has changed. Who is this gourmet cook, fashion designer, feisty lover? And how is she supposed to explain this to her family without them thinking she has completely lost her mind?

Paige believes her new talent is a gift, until she’s transported into her sister’s memory and catches a glimmer of her secret life.

Take this humorous and romantic journey as Paige learns about true love through the lives of three extraordinary women.

'Glimmers' is an award-winning, lighthearted story full of humor and romance … with a little taste of the unknown.

This book is available at Amazon.

The Book Trailer:


Guest Post:

Have you ever found an old treasure at an antique festival or rummaged through a fancy purse at a consignment shop? Ever wondered where those items came from or who had owned them? I’ve pondered such things and thought it would be fun to throw Paige into the life of another person: the person who used to own that special item. I wanted my character to experience three different women’s lives, from different places and different time periods. I needed to connect the stories to Paige’s life and give it a comic/cosmic twist. 

When outlining ‘Glimmers’ the plot basically sprouted to life. I allowed the characters to guide me and help form the story. So much so that after completing Emma’s story, I continued to think about her and her trip to America. I will reveal more of her life in the third book, Sister Glimmer, only this “glimmer” will come from another perspective. Many readers have said they felt connected to Emma most — which is remarkable, considering she lived in 1818. 

Here’s a brief excerpt of Paige “glimmering” into Emma’s life:

Left to admire my new things, I slide the drawer back into place. I don’t care how old-fashioned these earrings are, I’m wearing them. As soon as one earring fastens onto my earlobe, the air shutters. From the shadows of my room, a tremendous crackling sound hits me and reverberates throughout my entire body. My head starts to swim as I try to focus on the mirror. The reflection of my room stretches out and snaps back like a spring. Before my eyes, wooden posts sprout from every corner of my bed, and turquoise fabric drapes across the top and down the sides. A canopy? 

Am I being pulled into another memory?

Beneath my feet the carpet fades, and dark wooden planks piece together. My hands reach for the dresser, and I breathe a sigh of relief. It’s still there. The mirror hangs in the same position as well. One problem: the person staring back looks somewhat like me, but she isn’t me. Emma? 

Without warning and all at once, I’m absorbed into her life.

Emma's Story, June 1818
Heatherwood, England 

My comb runs through the tangled mess atop my head as I gaze into the mirror. My cameo earrings are already in place, and I observe their splendor. A light breeze ruffles the canopy atop my bed, and my thoughts drift through the open window. The Gladston River rushes along the outskirts of town before passing beneath an arched bridge. The Heatherwood church bell echoes throughout the vale as the sun falls from the sky. Shopkeepers close their storefronts before darkness shrouds our quaint village. The clomping sound of horses’ hooves carries through my window, and I am well aware of the cobblestone road upon which they travel, for it leads directly to my front doorstep. 

My brick home serves our proud family well. It is neither too large nor too small. It is, however, the perfect size for a proper party. At this very moment, most of the household are diligently preparing for this evening’s festivities. Doubtless, Papa is checking on this evening’s libations; Mama will be supervising the kitchen staff to ensure every detail is perfect; and my younger sister, Victoria, will no doubt busy herself with primping for at least another hour. My older sister, Alice, and her husband live in London and will not be in attendance. Sadly, my older brother, Edmund, is also in London whilst managing business for my father.

It was of no surprise to me when Papa requested that my fun-loving brother quit his playful behavior and join the family business. Business has been steadily increasing and requires more than one man on board to properly run. Papa’s pleasant disposition has helped win him a reputation of the highest regard. His small fortune has been earned through clever and insightful business dealings. He prefers to be in the middle of business dealings rather than at either end. He is a factor — a matchmaker of sorts — and the name Phillip Middleton is respected far beyond our town. 

Papa’s most recent business endeavor has helped him make the acquaintance of England’s most prestigious fabric makers and has put me in a state of elation. It is not unusual for him to bring home an abundance of fabric. I delight upon receiving such lavish gifts, as I have become quite accomplished in the art of designing and stitching together gowns. I put much time and thought into my dress for this evening, and I shall be proud to wear a garment sculpted from blue silk with sleeves that caress my shoulders. The delicate beads along the trim took an abundance of love and patience … I do so hope somebody notices my efforts. 

A tree branch scrapes against our roofline, and I abruptly return to my task at hand. My daydreaming has the tendency to get the better of me, and I suppose my thoughts had yet again drifted to someplace else. How long have I been sitting here idly toying with my hair while not having made any progress on my appearance? Perhaps I ought to solicit Victoria’s help, for I am taking far too long in my dressing. 

My hair droops over my shoulders and will not cooperate in the very least. I lift a few strands hanging above my right ear and stretch them back. They are almost secured in place when the entire left side of my head comes loose. Honestly, how women manage to pin up their hair with ease every day is beyond me. With deep resignation, I attempt to fashion ringlets. To my dismay, they wilt like withering flower petals. My fingers tighten around the comb, but then I remember that it is entirely unladylike to feel the heated desire to heave it across the room. With much control and precision, I set the comb onto my dresser. A familiar sniggering sound travels through my room and swirls about my head. My eyes shift away from the comb and focus on my mirror. Through its reflection, I notice the smiling face of my younger sister, Victoria. 

Praise for 'Glimmers':

Overall, Glimmers is a good, clean romance book I’d recommend to anyone looking for quick and sweet romance reads.

 'Glimmers' is a great feel good novel that leaves you with a smile on your face.

I most definitely recommend this book.  It’s an easy read that you can fly through in no time at all.  There’s no long boring parts and you’ll find yourself wondering how things could go for each of the characters.

Perfect for a rainy afternoon and for a little romantic escapism.

Barbara Brooke's writing style is also easy to read, making this a quick weekend read for me!

About the Author:


Barbara Brooke writes from the comfort of her home in sunny Florida. Although she's frequently distracted by her supportive husband, two adorable children, gorgeous greyhounds, scruffy mutt, and egg-dropping chickens, she's still eager to create new worlds and interesting characters for her next book.

For more information about Barbara Brooke and her books please visit her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Amazon

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