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The Ceruleans: mere mortal infused with power over life and death. Five books; one question: if the might of the heavens were in your hands, would you be sinner or saint?

Death is stalking Scarlett Blake. As if the encroaching darkness in her head wasn’t enough, she’s become disturbingly accident prone. Falling off a cliff isn’t ideal when all you want is as much time as possible to live, to love.

Her fate is horrifying. Unbearable. And inescapable. No one can save Scarlett from The End that’s looming. Not Jude, the Cerulean who is intent on Claiming her. Not Luke, the boy who is intent on loving her.

The clock is ticking, louder with every heartbeat. Now Scarlett must decide how best to protect the people she loves. Will she trust in Jude and the life-after-death he promises? Will she stand against the Fallen, who have her sister captive? Will she carry the burden of her death alone – every headache, every hallucination, every wrenching, aching emotion?

And when the clock falls silent, when the darkness eclipses the light, will Scarlett fight for life? Or will she have no choice but to surrender?

My Review:

A view weeks ago I read the first book in the Ceruleans series ‘Death Wish’ (read my review here). I really loved that book and I couldn’t stop reading. So when Megan Tayte asked me if I wanted to review her second book in the series ‘Forget Me Not’, I obviously immediately said yes.

‘Forget Me Not’ continues right were ‘Death Wish’ ended. Scarlett Blake life has changed dramatically since coming to Twycombe at the beginning of the summer. She met Luke, her boyfriend who she’s madly in love with, and Cara, Luke’s sister and Scarlett’s best friend. But not only did Scarlet meet new people, Scarlet found out that she really is a Cerulean and that death will come for her soon. Scarlet is devastated by that fact. All she want’s is more time. More time with Luke and Cara. More time to live her life. Scarlett keeps her secrets to herself and decides to make beautiful memories. But time is the one thing she doesn’t have.

I really loved the first book in this series. But this second book is just MIND-BLOWINGLY good. ‘Forget Me Not’ is not a ‘happy’ book, but it is beautiful in an raw, honest and extremely sad way. From the moment I started the first page of this book I just knew I wouldn’t get much sleep. I just had to keep reading until the very last page. And boy what a read it was. I seriously cried! It’s just such a touching, sad and beautiful story. I still can’t really wrap my head around it.

Just like in the first book I loved the characters Scarlett, Luke and Cara. They just are their own little family and I loved the way they took care of each other. Scarlett is carrying this huge secret around and at times I really wanted to scream at her and tell her that she wasn’t alone and that she should tell someone.
And Luke. Poor, handsome, sweet Luke. I just love his character. This book made me love him even more than in the first book. If I had a brother, I totally wish he would be like Luke.

This book is definitely another great one and I I’m so happy there will be three more books in this series. I can’t wait to read the next one! Especially since I just can’t imagine how everything is going to work out. Megan Tayte is definitely able to write very addicting books, but she’s still able to keep a lot of mystery left for the reader. The only thing I really can say is: Bravo!!! 

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About the Author:


Once upon a time a little girl told her grandmother that when she grew up she wanted to be a writer. Or a lollipop lady. Or a fairy princess fireman. 'Write, Megan,' her grandmother advised. So that's what she did.

Thirty-odd years later, Megan writes the kinds of books she loves to read: young-adult paranormal romance fiction. Young adult, because it's the time of life that most embodies freedom and discovery and first love. Paranormal, because she's always believed that there are more things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy. And romance, because she's a misty-eyed dreamer who lives for those 'life is so breathtakingly beautiful' moments.

Megan grew up in the Royal County, a hop, skip and a (very long) jump from Windsor Castle, but these days she makes her home in Robin Hood's county, Nottingham. She lives with her husband, a proud Scot who occasionally kicks back in a kilt; her son, a budding artist with the soul of a paleontologist; and her baby daughter, a keen pan-and-spoon drummer who sings in her sleep. When she's not writing, you'll find her walking someplace green, reading by the fire, or creating carnage in the kitchen as she pursues her impossible dream: of baking something edible.

For more information about Megan Tayte and her books please visit her website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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  1. I have the first book and still haven't picked it up, I will have to get to it soon, especially when you loved them both!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. You really should! They are truly great books! I can't wait for the third one to come out. Thankfully that will be in May, so I don't have to wait very long ;)


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