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Book Bloggers Talk: Candace Robinson

Today I’m really excited to start with my new monthly post ‘Book Bloggers Talk’. As a book blogger I’m very curious about my fellow book bloggers and I really want to know the people I share such a passion with a little more. So as of today, every month, I will be interviewing another book blogger about their blog, their favorite reads etc.

For my first ‘Book Bloggers Talk’ I’m super excited to have Candace Robinson on my blog. Candace is the owner of Candace’s Book Blog and the promotions company CBB Promotions. Since starting my own blog I’ve come to know Candace as a lovely, kind, fun and passionate blogger and my blog just wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t known her. So let’s get to know more about Candace! :D

The Talk:

Tell me a little more about yourself?

My name is Candace, I'm a mother to two kids and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in candacestravelblog.com. I LOVE exploring places and am very lucky to live in a place where I can see gorgeous mountains, rivers, lakes, rainforests and the ocean. All within a few hours drive. 
Washington State. I'm originally from Sturgis, SD. I love to read, garden and spend time with my family and two dogs. I'm also in training to be a Crystal Energy Healer and am getting my certification. I'm learning a LOT of science about rocks and energy and it's fascinating! I'm also at travel blogger at

When did you learn about your passion for books?

I grew up in an extremely religious family. We didn't have a TV, radio or any sort of entertainment. So I read. A lot. I read so much that my dad sometimes grounded me from my books. 

Which book was your childhood favorite?

I think maybe it was A Little Princess. I reread that book many times and there was something about it that really connected with me. I absolutely loved how she handled her situation even when things were at the very worse for her.

Which book (or books) is your favorite right now?

Technically this is probably impossible to really answer but for the past 10 years I've been saying the Kushiel's Legacy books by Jacqueline Carey. If I were left on a deserted island I could survive with just a few of her books. They are epic fantasy and definitely adult and they really go as dark as books could possibly go, but there's just something so beautiful about them. How these characters can somehow survive these situations that really aren't very survivable. I just am completely wow'ed by them and highly recommend to every fantasy reader out there. 

What’s your favorite book genre?

High fantasy, or epic fantasy. It's my favorite genre because I truly escape the real world through them. They do tend to have a lot of dark bits and so I get all the feels from them. But they are hard to read and I like to spread them out so I don't get too stressed. 

Do you prefer paperbacks or eBooks? And why?

I will always love a real book. They smell good, they feel good, they look good. I love them on my shelves. But I've been appreciating my kindle more in the past few months. It's easier to store books on but it's also easier to hold and carry around.


How many books do you read in a week?

About 3, I think. I used to read a book a day but in the past couple years I've cut back so I have time for my business. 

When did you decide to become a book blogger? And when did you start your book blog?

I started my blog in the fall of 2008 just a few months before my son was born. I started it just to keep track of what I was reading but that was the time of the big book blogging boom and it quickly turned into much more. I had been on Shelfari for a few years before that where I ran a few different groups. So I felt like I already had my foot in it all and many of those people are book bloggers today. I started my blog at the same time (close to it anyway) as Lori at Pure Imagination and Angela at Reading Angel (she's no longer blogging). We were good friends on Shelfari and it's carried on into the blogging world. 

What do you love most about book blogging?

The people. I love working with authors and publishers and the whole community but I really love the other bloggers and having this opportunity to share the books I love with other like-minded people. 

On your blog, you not only post reviews and interviews with authors etc., but you also write about other bookish and life relating stuff. Where do you get the inspiration for writing your posts?

Hmmmm... Life, I guess. I usually get inspired by something that is happening or an experience I have. I use to have a ton of different things to talk about but lately I feel I've been so busy my mind is just blank. 

How do you plan your time for your blog? And how much time do you spend on your blog?

I use to be booked out for many weeks. These days I'm often writing up my post the night before. I no longer let it stress me out. If I don't have something I let it go and don't let myself get upset or worried. Since my business kind of crosses paths with my blogging it's hard to sometimes differentiate what time is spent on what. But when it comes to blogging networking is important. I comment for about an hour most days on up to about 20 different blogs. Most posts only take me about 20-40 minutes to write but sometimes longer. I guess maybe about 2 hours a day? 

You’re not only a book blogger, but you also have your own book promotion business. Did you always know that you wanted to start that business? And how did you get the word out for authors to find you?

I didn't always know. I didn't know at all until an author I had read and was devoted to suggested I try it. She was impressed with how well I did with spreading the word about the books I loved and I had already convinced a bunch of people to read her books. She told me I was a natural and she helped with the start of the business. Honestly, I don't remember ever having trouble getting the word out. I think it's all been word of mouth. Once authors work with me they tell other authors and on it goes. I've always had more business than I could possibly take on.

In the last couple of years reading became less popular than it was (according to the media),and children these days don’t read as much as earlier generations did. What do you think of this development?

It's sad. And frustrating. I know that it's hard to get my own kids to read because they want to watch TV and YouTube and play video games. I didn't have a TV, YouTube or video games so I read. But I don't know what we can do other than just try to get books for our kids that they are genuinely interested in. Ones that look and sound so good they can't resist. 

You’re a mom. Are your children also readers and do you inspire them to read?

They are readers. But I still struggle. My daughter (10) reads a lot at school (according to her teacher she's ALWAYS reading) but at home she doesn't want to. So I'm not sure if it's just her age right now or not. But she has plenty of books to choose from. My son is 6 and so he's just learning to read right now. I think it helps that I get books for review so they have fresh and new books to read all the time. Of course there's the library too.

Some book bloggers out there are also inspiring writers. Do you also write? 

I use to. When I was a teen I wrote ALL the time. I filled up notebooks weekly. In Fourth grade I write a 40 page story about My Little Pony. That was my first 'novel'. In 6th grade I won a poetry contest and it was published in a book. In high school my writing became more random, just scribblings really. And then as an adult I mostly let it go. I've had some periods here and there were I wrote and at one time I was having a dream over and over that was supposed to be a book. But I just couldn't seem to do it. I had young kids then and it just didn't come out right. Since then I've realized I'm not cut out to be an author. At least not at this time.

What would you advise be for beginning book bloggers?

Network. I see this all the time. Bloggers start a blog and then get frustrated because they don't get any traffic. You truly have to work for it. It's hard work. It's time consuming. But it's necessary. Start commenting on other blogs. Make sure to read their post and leave a thoughtful comment that truly reflects what you read and what you think. Be friendly and nice. Keep returning to that blog daily (or for each new post) and comment. Usually they will visit back but if they don't then just keep looking. Keep doing it as much as you can. Over the years I've grown my 'circle' and have about 20 blogs I visit regularly. Some of them aren't daily but many are. And they comment back on my blog. It can take some time though. Be patient. Also make sure you have interesting content. I think posting cover reveals, teasers, memes, etc are fine but I like to have a review as often as possible. If you don't or can't review often then don't post as often. I prefer to *try* to have a review for every other post. 


Curious about Candace’s Book Blog? Please visit her lovely blog here. For more information about CBB Promotions please visit the website here, and find more information about upcoming tours and more.


Candace is also on Facebook and Twitter.

I would like to thank Candace for being on my first ‘Book Bloggers Talk’. 

You rock girl ;)


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