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Sunday's Author Spotlight: Michelle Lowhorn

Today I’m excited to have author Michelle Lowhorn on the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. Michelle is the author of the Unloveable series and the Teacher series. Today Michelle wrote a special guest post especially for Maureen’s Books. Check it out ;) 

About 'Abandon' (The Unloveable Series #1):
Before Brooklyn Hennessey can bury her estranged husband, his murderers threaten her small children. Alone, distraught, and feeling completely helpless, she is forced to swallow her pride and turn to the only man skilled enough to protect them.

Mercenary Gage Henley blasts into town with one thing on his mind, revenge. Relying on his superior military training and experience, Gage explodes into action not only to hunt down the killers but to shield his brother’s loved ones.

The two adversaries will have to put aside their animosity and work together to bring the killers to justice and save their family.

This book is available at Amazon

About 'The Highlander's Treasure':
In the dead of night with deliberate determination, a young mother gathers her toddler and flees her brutal past in hopes of securing a chance at a better future for her daughter.

On the journey through Scotland, Abigail and her precocious toddler, Jessalyn, meet up with a band of Highlanders led by the arrogant Laird Duncan MacDugal, known for his superior skills on the battlefield and ability to intimidate even his toughest rivals.

With Abigail’s fiery temper and Duncan’s difficult disposition, they find it impossible to agree on anything. However, their struggles can’t compare to the battle of wills between the fierce laird and the obstinate toddler. No one could have predicted the infamous, mighty warrior would find his toughest adversary in this pint sized opponent.

Will the laird, mother, and child be able to figure out how to become a family?

This book is available at Amazon.   

About 'Schooled' (The Teacher Series #1):
Feisty fourth grade teacher, Emmelynne Johnson, is fiercely independent and has a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. While hiking at an area national park, she finds herself lost and alone. Just when she thinks she’s found her way, she unknowingly witnesses a brutal murder sanctioned by a local crime boss.

Colt Christianson, homicide detective for the Fort Worth Police Department, is known for his dedication and willingness to do whatever necessary to solve the crime. Still grieving for his late partner, Colt is called to investigate a murder that has connections to his partner’s death.

When the killers attempt to silence the only witness, the detective switches roles to become her protector. Together they will be forced to fight two battles, one against the killers and one against their burgeoning mutual attraction.

This book is available at Amazon

For more of Michelle Lowhorn books please visit Goodreads or Amazon.

Guest Post Michelle Lowhorn:

Hello from Texas.  I’m Michelle Lowhorn and I write contemporary and historical romantic suspense.  I’m so excited to be a guest on Maureen’s books!

I’m a true romance novel junkie and I’ve always dreamed of being a published author, so I thought I’d write a book, a romance novel of course.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Oh, so not true!  I wrote a couple of chapters before I decided it was a total waste of time and set it aside.  Throughout the year, I’d write off and on until I finished the book.  The following year I wrote a second one but still didn’t do anything with them.  After some encouragement from family and friends, I decided to look into publishing but I had absolutely no idea how to get a publisher to look at my work.  While I was reading one of my favorite author’s blog, I noticed she wrote for several different publishers.  I picked two and emailed my books to them.  I never expected either one to respond.  But within a week, Rebel Ink Press offered me a contract! 

The absolute best part of becoming an author is all the readers I’ve met.  I’ve been to a couple of signing events and I always manage to meet other die hard readers like myself.  We usually end up talking about all the authors we love.  Since I read many different romance genres that it’s difficult to pick only one favorite author.  I’ve read every book written by Julie Garwood.  I especially love her highlander books.  Maya Banks’ highlander books are wonderful.  I’ve read all of Laurann Dohner’s books so many times that I’ve practically memorized them.  I could go on forever about all the incredible romance writers that I love.

I currently have six books published and working on the seventh..  If I go very long without writing, I get antsy and the only thing that will calm me is to write.  I have several books started and I hope to eventually finish all of them.  I’m very methodical and proactive at the beginning of every story.  I develop the characters, make an outline for the whole story, I write in a quiet place, and I try to write down ideas as they come to me.  However, after I start writing the book, everything changes.  The story starts to take on a life of its own and sometimes goes in a completely different direction.  This could probably have something to do with my ADD.  Just maybe.

My latest books are part of The Unloveable Series which is about a retired team of mercenaries that feel they’ve done and seen too much evil to be worthy of love.  My latest release is Taint.

The last two years have been brutal for Harper Thomas.  She’s learned quite a few lessons the hard way.  She now knows that to survive, she has to use every resource at her disposal and the only person she can rely on is herself.
When guilt ridden mercenary, Kai Williams, was hired to track a lovesick old man’s materialistic, runaway girlfriend, he never imagined the minefield of deceit he’d have to navigate.
Will Harper be able to let her guard down to trust someone else and will Kai learn the truth in time to not only save her but himself?

I would love to hear from everyone, so feel free to check out my Facebook page.

You can also find my blog at

I want to thank Maureen’s books one last time for helping me get my name and books out there!



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