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Review 'Wednesdays Riders' by Tudor Robins
The island.

Meg can’t wait to get back. She’s excited to see her new mare kick up her heels in Salem’s old paddock. She’s impatient to run on country roads between breeze-blown hayfields.

Mostly, Meg longs to be back with Jared again.

It’s going to be the perfect summer.

But can real life live up to Meg’s huge expectations?

When Jared makes a heart-wrenching confession, Meg has to re-evaluate everything. If perfection’s not possible, can Meg find a way to build happiness for herself?

Fans of Appaloosa Summer will welcome the return to familiar places and characters, with the chance to be captivated by more of the beauty, romance, and dreaminess of Meg’s summer island life.

My Review:

Last year I read ‘Appaloosa Summer’, the first book in the Island Trilogy by Tudor Robins. I fall in love with Tudor’s writing and her stories. So when I received Tudor’s email about sending me the second book in this series I did a little happy dance. I couldn’t wait to start reading about Meg and her horses again.

In ‘Wednesday Rivers’ we meet Meg a year later than when ‘Appaloosa Summer’ ended. Everything is going perfect for Meg. She finished high school, her and Jared are still going strong and now a new summer at the Island is ready to start. But unfortunately for Meg things don’t often stay perfect for long. When she arrives at the Island she soon finds out that her expectations are set a little too high and her summer will go a very different way.

Since I loved ‘Appaloosa Summer’ my expectations for this book where set really high. I was really hoping to love ‘Wednesdays Riders’ just as much as the first book. Fortunately for me I loved this book just as much as the first one. I couldn’t stop reading and I loved Tudor’s way of writing a story about love, life and especially her way of describing horses. Just like with the first book this book made me ache to get back on the saddle. It was just beautiful.

In ‘Wednesdays Riders’, Meg had to grow up and make some pretty hard decisions. And I loved reading her journey this new summer. The life on the Island is just a perfect escape from the ‘real world’ and I could totally imagine myself spending time there.
Above everything I loved how strong Meg was. If I would have been in her shoes I would have been a total mess. I wouldn’t know how to keep going. But Meg kept busy, made something out of her summer despite her hurt. I loved how she became a grown up in this book.

Jared made me pretty angry in this book, but still I felt myself missing him in these pages. I just wanted to read more and more about Jared. But fortunately for me Tudor, most have heard my prays.
This book was another great one and I can’t wait to read the next one. Into the writing cave you go Tudor !! ;) 

My Rating:


About the Author:

Tudor is the author of Objects in Mirror and Appaloosa Summer – young adult novels set in Eastern Ontario that tell coming-of-age stories of young women set against a backdrop of the world of horse shows.

Her degrees in English Literature and Journalism have shaped Tudor’s writing philosophy and style, and her work as a freelance magazine and newspaper writer established her commitment to accuracy and deadlines.

Sharing her experience and love of writing with others is something Tudor enjoys, and she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to do so through the continuing education workshops she offers for the Ottawa Catholic School Board and other writing organizations. She has also developed and delivered a creative writing workshop for junior and intermediate students.

Tudor lives in Ottawa with her husband and two sons. They spend much of their summers on Wolfe Island, Ontario. (Source:

For more information about ‘Wednesdays Riders’ and Tudor Robins please visit her website, Goodreads and Amazon. Or look for Tudor Robins on Pinterest and Facebook

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  1. Okay now this book sounds very interesting and I will have to check the previous book too..Loved your review Maureen and added the books to my TBR :)

    -Nikita @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

    1. Thank you! It's a great series and I think you will love it! It's an amazing read. ;)

  2. Nice review. I just read both Appaloosa Summer and Wednesday Riders last week and loved them both! Here are my reviews of both books:

    1. Thank you. It's a great series and I can't wait to read the next book! These books definitely make we want to go horseback riding again. :D
      Thanks for visiting!


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