Monday, February 9, 2015

Release Day Blitz 'Captive Potential' by Barbara Garren

Today I’m excited to participate in the Release Day Blitz of ‘Captive Potential’ by Barbara Garren. ‘Captive Potential’ is a paranormal romance novel and the second book in the Phasms series. I read the first book ‘Infinite Potential’ last year and really enjoyed it. ‘Captive Potential’ is out NOW!!

About the Book:
Everything in Kelsi's life feels more like The End, rather than the Happily-Ever-After she anticipated with her prince, Aiden Hardt. She and Aiden are fighting. Again. His daughter Bryn wakes them screaming every night. By day Bryn is bright and bubbly, but at night her dreams are filled with a distant land, a dark-haired man, and a threat Kelsi couldn't foresee. Even her best friend Sarah is miserable.

Tossed between multiple planes of existence, Kelsi must overcome the barriers in her heart and mind to save those she loves: her friend, her lover, and the child she thinks of as her own. Even if providing them a chance for their own Ever After spells the end for her.

This book is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.  

“My love for Aiden is a deep, red pulse, burning with a slow and steady warmth that assuaged my loss, seeping to my very core, bleeding into every pore, every fiber of who I am, until I can’t breathe, can’t move can’t be without him near.”

About 'Infinite Potential' (Phasms #1):


Kelsi always knows when bad things are coming, but even she never thought she’d lose her husband at only twenty-three. Since he died, she’s been living her worst nightmare.
Her nights are filled with dreams of a Dark Haired Man, but her days are full of guilt, because the Man fills her with longing and confusion, promising to give her all she needs, all she wants, all she feared she’d never have again.
If only the dreams would stay in her head where they belong.

Kelsi starts seeing the Dark Haired Man in her waking life, shadowing her wherever she goes. And when her mysterious new neighbor, Aiden Hardt, knows about the Man in her dreams, Kelsi worries she can’t trust her own mind.

"He’s not what he seems."

But even Aiden’s cryptic words don’t frighten her as much as the way she feels around him. Kelsi must sort through her emotions and figure out what’s real before she can ever hope to have a normal life again. 

This book is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

To read my review of 'Infinite Potential' please go here

About the Author:

I'm a writer, a reader and a frequenter of the more charming sites in town, namely pubs. I've travelled a bit. Lived a few places. Known a few men. It all ends up in a story sooner or later. 

San Diego is home these days and my life is ruled by Charlie the Dog, a Valkyrie muse named Prue and a husband  who buy me scotch. What more can a girl ask for?

For more information about Barbara Garren and her books please visit her website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Or send Barbara an email



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