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Sunday's Author Spotlight: Jodi Linton

Today I’m really excited to have Jodi Linton in the ‘Sunday’s Author Spotlight’. Jodi Linton writes southern contemporary romance novels. Jodi’s first book ‘Pretty Reckless’ was one of my favorite books of 2014.

‘Pretty Reckless’ is the first book in the Deputy Laney Briggs series. The Deputy Laney Briggs serie already consists of 4 books, of which two are novella’s. ‘Pretty Reckless’ was published in March 2014, and got a 4.08 average rating on Goodreads and a 4.5 average rating on Amazon. Jodi’s new book ‘Pretty Shameless’, the second book in the Deputy Laney Briggs series, was published January 12th 2015 and is available NOW!!


About 'Pretty Reckless' Deputy Laney Briggs #1:
She’s dead-set on giving one bullheaded cowboy the boot.

Welcome to Pistol Rock, Texas where everyone knows secrets last about as long as the sporadic west Texas rain showers.

Laney Briggs has long been considered reckless, but she’s turned herself around—she’s respectably engaged and she’s become a Pistol Rock deputy sheriff. Everything’s fine until a dead body turns up and her ex, Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson, decides to stick his boots into the town’s first murder case.

Laney will be damned if she lets Gunner trample all over her turf and her chance at a quiet, contented life. His seemingly endless ability to undermine her resolve and her libido was only outdone by her constant urge to butt heads with him. But when the bodies start to pile up, Laney has to ask the lethal bad boy for a hand—and a truce in exchange for his help.

Having an ex-boyfriend as an ally might not be the best idea, but Laney has always been pretty reckless…

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, All Romance Books and on iBooks.

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About 'Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy: A Deputy Laney Briggs Novella':
Some cowboys are worth getting dirty for. 

In her latest adventure, sassy Deputy Laney Briggs discovers the local high school football coach passed out under the stadium bleachers wearing nothing but a smile…and his wife’s lingerie.

Things really start to get wild when she runs into the smoking hot Federal Marshal, Colt Larsen, snooping around the Granger’s house. Quicker than a cold snap comes and goes in Texas, Laney finds herself up to her eyeballs in a case involving a ruthless motorcycle gang, a Mexican drug cartel, a kidnapping, and a shoot-out to rival the O.K. Corral.

In over their heads, Laney calls in the big guns—her very own Texas Ranger, Gunner Wilson, who’s ready to fulfill every last one of her desires. But as things heat up between them, the stakes get higher than ever, and Gunner’s help may not be enough for Laney to get out alive…

This novella is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Books and on iBooks.

To read my review of 'Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy' please go here.

About 'Talk Dirty To Me, Cowboy: A Deputy Laney Briggs Novella':
Fun bonus read for fans of The Deputy Laney Briggs Series.

She takes her cowboys tall, tattooed, and tempting as hell...

Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson is sittin’ in a bar, all six-foot-five-inches of long, hard cowboy. Waitin’. Watchin’. Bidin’ his time for Laney Briggs and her hot little behind to saddle up and make his night. His girl. Hell, after all these years, he knows exactly how to drive her crazy with need...for him.

And Laney is ready to play. Tonight is their new beginning, and she has on her red cowboy boots—the ones that make Gunner wild. She knows that she’s only a few tequilas away from being pressed up against his firm, demanding bod. At his wicked mercy. But tonight, Gunner has something he wants. Needs. Even if it means that Laney will be the one in complete control...

This novella is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks.

About 'Pretty Shameless' Deputy Laney Briggs #2:


The only rules she follows are her own...

Wherever deputy Laney Briggs goes, trouble always follows behind—except when Laney is the trouble. Right now, Laney is on the hunt for her not-so-bright cousin, who is wanted for gun smuggling. But there’s a sexy, hot-assed Texas Ranger on the same case, and Laney would bet her britches (and everything else she’s wearing) that Gunner Wilson knows something she doesn’t. It just requires a bit of sexy espionage...

Gunner knows all too well just how damned distracting Laney and her little red cowboy boots can be. The pure, unadulterated want between them has never been stronger—and Gunner can’t resist making her crazy. But even as she gives into every carnal craving for Gunner, Laney is determined to get her answers, one mind-meltingly hot night at a time. The only question is whether she’ll be ready for the truth...

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Itunes

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Interview with Jodi Linton:

Tell us a little more about who Jodi Linton is?

Well, I was born and raised in north Texas in a small town that butted up against the Red River. I have never owned a horse nor am I good at riding one. First and foremost, I’m a mother and a wife. And then on most days you can find me at my computer typing away until the kiddos are home from school and need afternoon snacks.

You grew up in Texas and still live there. What do you like most about living in Texas?

That it feels like home. Both my husband and I are from Texas. I always wanted to raise my family in Texas. I’ll admit there are some days I wonder what it would be like to live elsewhere (granted I’ve travelled overseas a few times and spent a summer or two immersing myself in other cultures). Yet when it all boils down to it, I’d miss the smells of a Texan summer—yes even the sticky sweat—because nothing will ever feel as good as home. And Texas to me is the only place I’ll ever be able to see myself growing old.

How did you come to idea of the Deputy Laney Briggs Series?

I wanted to write a man’s mystery series that would appeal to women. LOL. When it came to Laney Briggs I needed her to be able to stand strong and tall with the boys, but also have a flaw…in her case a bullheaded, cocky-ass, Texas Ranger. I also knew the voice I wanted her to have. She needed to be crass, but smart at the same time. And the series even though it has cowboys doesn’t have the “real” cowboy most romance readers are used too. I knew it was gonna be tongue-n- cheek. I knew I wanted to play on stereotypes (push the limits)…Gunner Wilson, the Texas Ranger, would be the bad-boy in all black. Luke Wagner, the friendly rancher with secrets, would be dressed in all white, but always has mud, dirt, or grass stains somewhere on his white T-shirt showing that he just isn’t that clean. And our lovely, Laney Briggs, the star of the showdown in Pistol Rock was gonna be the girl that tempted the boys to do better or worse. That’s why she always wears RED COWBOY BOOTS. The color red ignites passion, desire, strength, and danger. Laney is all these things tied up into a smart-mouth Texas deputy.  And finally, I set out to write a series that bleeds with secrets, lies, and an on-going love affair that tested each character bringing their flaws, their strengths, and their heartbreak to life as they sought to figure out exactly what they considered the truth to be.

What do you like most about writing?

The endless possibilities…

In the Deputy Laney Briggs Series there are a lot of hot cowboys. Who is your favorite cowboy?

If we’re talking about the cowboys from Pistol Rock, I’ll plea the fifth. I can’t give that secret away. If we are talking about me, well, I enjoy Raylan Givens from Justified.
Where do you get your inspiration for writing the Deputy Laney Briggs Series? And where do you go to write?

Now, that’s a loaded question. I’m not really sure. I built her world around Texas; a place I grew up and still live in. Otherwise, she’s a like a mash up of several genres. Some readers might call her romance while others call her mystery. Then there might be some that call her humorous. All in all I think she’s a fantastic combination. She’s that character that can morph into anything genre a reader might be interested in reading.

This week your new book ‘Pretty Shameless’ (January 12th) has been released. What do you like most about this book?

That I took a risk! I played my hand in this one, and went for broke. But since The Deputy Laney Briggs books are a series, I needed certain plots, twists, and angles to move forward in order to get to my next destination. And I really enjoy the romantic arc in Pretty Shameless. It is gritty, dirty, secretive, and packed-plum full of lies. I wanted Laney and Gunner’s relationship to spark a fire and make readers question what everyone was up too.
What are your future plans in writing?

I’m working on book 4 in the Deputy Laney Briggs Series, and I also have some secretive projects on the horizon.

What is the best thing that happened since you’re first book ‘Pretty Reckless’ came out?

The friends I’ve met along the way.

What is your favorite book?

Gone Girl. 

Praise for the Deputy Laney Briggs Series:

Jodi Linton roped me in from the very beginning of her debut release ‘Pretty Reckless’. There was nothing about Deputy Laney Briggs that you can’t help but love. Stubborn, sassy, kickass and most of all isn’t afraid to shoot a man in the ass!

‘Pretty Shameless’ is fast-paced, very sexy and the Southern drawl is present in every written sentence. Ms. Linton possesses a unique and very distinctive voice; she reads like no one else around.

With each new installment, I've become more invested in Laney Briggs and her sassy ways and I'm going to happily recommend and give ‘Pretty Shameless’ 4.5 stars!

The heroine is a feisty, rough talking beautiful woman. The hero is a tall, dark and tattooed rough, but tender hearted man.  I thoroughly  enjoyed this story.

‘Pretty Shameless’ was another great read. There is a lot of stuff happening and it never gets boring. There’s action, there’s romance and there are some seriously hot scenes in this book.

About the Author:

Growing up in a small Texas town didn't have many perks, but it allowed for some colorful writing material. After settling down with her family in central Texas, Jodi found her passion: writing kick-ass, southern contemporary romance stories. Today she can be found cozied up to the computer escaping into a quirky world of tall tales, sexy, tight jean wearing cowboys, and a protagonist with a sharp-tongue quick enough to hang any man out to dry.  

For more information about ‘Pretty Shameless’ and the ‘Deputy Laney Briggs Series’ go to Amazon, Goodreads or visit Jodi Lintons own website. You can also find Jodi Linton on Twitter and Facebook.

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