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Review 'The Death Season' by Kate Ellis

Happy New Year everybody. I hope 2015 will be another great one!! To start 2015 perfectly, here is my new review about the new Crime/Mystery book by Kate Ellis.
This year I'm adding a rating to my reviews. And I can't wait to find out what new books this new year will bring!
Detective Weslet Peterson investigates another mysterious and deathly case on his 19th adventure in Kate Ellis's captivating crime series.

When a middle-aged man is found dead in a hotel room, it seems like a routine matter—until it becomes clear to DI Wesley Peterson that it is a case of cold blooded murder and that the identity the victim has been using isn't his own. Then DCI Gerry Heffeman, frustrated at being given only cold cases during his recovery from being shot in the line of duty, discovers from a DNA review that Wesley's mystery man was responsible for the murder of a child back in 1979. But soon, as Wesley delves in to the events of the past more people die.

Meanwhile archeologist Neil Watson is investigating a ruined village that tumbled into the sea during a storm at the time of World War I. Events take a cryptic turn when he encounters a 100-year-old mystery with echoes in the present.

As a terrifying truth is revealed, Wesley has to face a great danger, especially if he is to save someone very precious to him.

My Review:

I read almost everything. I read Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Romantic Erotic novels, Horror and I also read Mystery, Crime and Detective books. So when the Little, Brown Book Group asked if I was interested in reading ‘The Death Season’ by Kate Ellis in exchange for my honest review I was really excited and immediately agreed. I heard about Kate Ellis and her series but I never read a book by her before. ‘The Death Season’ is the nineteenth novel about Detective Inspector Wesley Peterson.

The cover was something that immediately grabbed my attention. I love the dark cover with the red letters. It looks really beautiful and I was really excited to start reading.
From the moment I started reading ‘The Death Season’ I really enjoyed the story. Even though this book is the nineteenth novel about DI Wesley Peterson, it can be read as a standalone and I never felt like I missed information. This story begins when a body of a man is found in an hotel room. The man seems to have died under strange circumstances and soon Wesley has been called in to investigate the ‘murder’. At first this murder seems to be easy to solve but soon Wesley stumbles upon a lot of secrets and soon there seem to be a lot of people involved.

What I loved about ‘The Death Season’ was the way this book included three different stories. Every chapter begins with a little diary entrĂ©e of a woman in 1913 and is followed by the story of Wesley Peterson, and a story of archaeologist Neil Watson. All these stories where really interesting to read and I loved how easily the story goes from the one in the other.
‘The Death Season’ never got boring and until the very end I really didn’t expect anyone to be the killer. This book definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. I especially loved Wesley Peterson. He just seemed to be very real to me. His life wasn’t perfect and he really had to make some difficult choices regarding his work and his personal life. I just really liked him and loved how passionately he was towards his job.

This book was definitely a nice read. I never got bored and I really loved the search towards the killer. There were a lot of secrets in this book and I loved how everything became clear towards the end.

I definitely recommend this book to every mystery-crime-detective genre readers.

My Rating:


About the Author:

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Kate Ellis was born in Liverpool and she studied drama in Manchester. She worked in teaching, marketing and accountancy before first enjoying writing success as a winner of the North West Playwrights competition. Crime and mystery stories have always fascinated her, as have medieval history and archaeology which she likes to incorporate in her books. She is married with two grown up sons and she lives in North Cheshire, England, with her husband.

Kate's novels feature archaeology graduate Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson who fights crime in the "mean streets" (or should it be "mean lanes"?) of South Devon.  Each story combines an intriguing contemporary murder mystery with a parallel historical case. She has also written four books in the spooky Joe Plantagenet series set up in North Yorkshire as well as many short stories for crime fiction anthologies and magazines. Kate was elected a member of The Detection Club in 2014. She is a member of the Crime Writers Association and Murder Squad. Kate is currently working on her nineteenth Wesley Peterson novel.

For more information about Kate Ellis and 'The Death Season' please visit her website and Twitter.

Many thanks to Clara Diaz and Little, Brown Book Group for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing book.


  1. Loved your Review Maureen and I am definitely going to add this book to my TBR.. :)

    -Njkinny @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

    1. Thank you for checking it out ;) It's a great book and really exciting! You should totally read it ;)

  2. Sounds good! I love thrillers especially those that can keep your attention and keep you guessing. I'm adding this to my tbr list :)

    1. This book is definitely one that's gonna keep your attention. I just didn't want to stop reading because I just HAD to know what happend.
      I feel kind of silly not having read one of her previous books yet. Now my TBR is even longer! ;)


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