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Blog Tour 'Fate Reborn' by Christina Ow

Today I’m excited to participate in the blog tour of ‘Fate Reborn’ by Christina Ow. ‘Fate Reborn’ is a Sweet Romance and the first one in a five installments saga called the Dukkha Fate Series.


About the Book:
Ashat is a werewolf who’s lived three centuries in sorrow and torment after his family was killed by an enemy-Baku. The only way he is able to bear his long life is drinking himself into a drunken stupor, women and hunting down Baku. His world suddenly changes when he meets Merilee and he is finally able to love and be happy again.

Merilee lost her family in a fire when she was five. However she isn’t too sure about that, her nightmares show her something very different to what her shrink has been telling her for thirteen years. She was raised by her two adoptive sisters Ann and Maria in an orphanage. She has a fear of letting people in and losing them. This fear makes her put up with an obnoxious boyfriend Steve until she’s finally gets the courage to get rid of him.

She finally meets a man who she instantly has a crush on and ultimately falls in love with after their first night together.

But Merilee and Ashat have met before in the worst of situations. 

My Review:

When I read the prescription of 'Fate Reborn' I was immediately interested in reading this book. I participated in a tour of Christina Ow a couple of months ago so I was very interested in reading a book by this author. The thing that also really grabbed my attention was the cover of this book. I really love it. It's a really beautiful looking cover and it definitely grabs your attention.

In 'Fate Reborn' we meet Ashat a werewolf who has lived for many years with the guilt of losing his family. The only thing that keeps Ashat from losing his mind, is drinking a lot of alcohol and spending his nights with meaningless sex. That is until he meets Merilee.
Merilee also had a rough life. Her family was killed when she was just a little girl and she spent her childhood moving from house to house. Now Merilee lives with her two best friends and tries to get her life back on track by finishing high school. When Ashat and Merilie meet one night, they both don't know their lives are about to change forever. Soon Ashat and Merilee can't stay away from each other, but life has a surprise for them.

In the beginning I didn't really know what to think of this book. There is a very long introduction about how Ashat became the man he is today. Although I think, the introduction made me love Ashat more, I found it a little too long in the beginning. I found myself wondering if I had the wrong book because the story didn't seem to go about the same characters I read in the prescription about. (Thankfully I just found out they made a novella of the introduction called ‘The Beginning’, very good idea if you ask me.)
When I was a little further into the book I felt myself enjoying the story more and more. The connection between Ashat and Merilee was very addicting and I loved how their relationship grew. Ashat definitely has the sexy bad guy thing about him, and I really liked his characters.

The thing that was a little frustrating was the ending of the book. I really didn't expect the book to end the way it did and I almost felt frustrated about it. I wanted to read more about Ashat and Merilee and now there was this big cliffhanger. And I find cliffhangers really damn frustrating!! But the author made sure this way, that I would want to read the next book in this series.

I really enjoyed this book. Although the beginning didn’t really work for me I loved the rest of the book and I definitely didn’t want this book to end. The characters are very easy to connect with and their story is very original. Great job, Christina Ow!!


My Rating:


About the Author:

Christina Ow writes suspense, thrillers, erotica, interracial and multicultural romance books. She is the author of Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Regency Romance books and a poet of currently 3 titles. She loves reading novels that take her on a ride of wild emotions. Books have always been an escape for her, for a few hours she gets to live the lives of characters she grows to cherish and admire. She's always had an active imagination and because of it has lived in her head more than she has been in the outside world. She always imagined scenarios and wondered how they would turn out in the end, and what kind of emotions they would invoke. Thus began her writing career.

For more information about Christina Ow and her books, please visit her website, her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon. Or sign up for Christina’s Newsletter and check out her book list

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