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Blog Tour 'Family Heir: A Bigfoot novel' by Sara M. Drake

Today I’m excited to participate in the blog tour of ‘Family Heir: a Bigfoot Novel’ by Sara M. Drake. ‘Family Heir’ is an Adult Urban Fantasy novel and was published on May 30th. The blog tour is running form November 10 – 21. Visit the tour page & calendar to follow the tour.  

About the Book:
Kelley longed for a normal life – to go to college, to have normal friends, and to work a nice desk job. When an unknown predator starts a killing spree, she finds herself drug back into a world that includes vampires, werewolves, and her ex-husband. Kelley agrees to lead the small team to find the murderer – which consists of one uncommunicative ex-hubbie and an inexperienced federal agent. Only shots in the night prove that Kelley has become a target and her training as a Hunter does nothing to prepare her for being hunted.

For more information about this book please visite Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   

My Review:

When I read the description of ‘Family Heir’ by Sara Drake I immediately thought this book would be one for me. When I read words like vampires and werewolves I definitely wanted to read the book. So I happily signed up to join this blog tour and I started reading.

In ‘Family Heir’ we meet Kelley. Kelley is a college girl, struggling for money and trying to find a nice guy to go on a date with. Unfortunately for Kelley this is not so easy since her ex-husband is following her around a lot. All Kelley wanted is have a normal life but that’s not so easy since she is a Hunter and her job is calling. When a new case comes along, Kelley is forced to work with her ex-husband again to find the one who’s been on a killing spree. Together with federal agent Brent, Kelley starts the case hoping to end it soon. But unfortunately for Kelley this case isn’t as easy as it seemed and soon they are the ones being chased.

When I started reading ‘Family Heir’ I definitely wasn’t expecting to read about a whole new ‘original’ fantasy world. Most stories about vampires and werewolves are all a little the same. I love those stories but almost always the vampires and the werewolves are the strong ones who save the day. In the world of ‘Family Heir’ this is all a little different. There are a lot of different rules in this world and there are hunters and there’s… bigfoot! Yes, Bigfoot! I loved that there was an all-new fantasy character in this book and I loved reading about the world of bigfoot.

The character who really stood out for me in this book was strangely.. Troy. I loved the mysterious ex-husband who had his communicative problems. I felt really sorry for him and I longed to find out why he and Kelley got a divorce. And when I finally did find out I felt even more sorry for him. I thought the Troy character was really charismatic and mysterious and I definitely like my dose of mystery. I also found it really touching that Kelley was almost the only one who really got what Troy was saying at times.
Brent on the other hand didn’t work for me at all. Brent was the federal agent and somehow I always think of those guys being a little more.. brave and tough.  Brent just didn’t seem to fit in the picture if you ask me.

I really enjoyed ‘Family Heir’ and the new world Sara Drake created. Although I sometimes found the stories about the history, the families and the hunters a little too much information to read in a short time. I really needed to keep my concentration when I read that part. But still, it was totally worth reading about bigfoot. 

About the Author:

Sara developed her book addiction as a young child. Her concerned parents attempted an intervention and cut off her supply. These desperate times called for desperate measures forcing her to write her own stories. Since a human being cannot live on books alone, she has worked as a stage hand, care giver, active duty Air Force, college instructor, mental health counselor, and civil servant on the theory that more pay equals more books. Outside of that, she spends time developing a reputation as a crazy cat lady and irritating introvert. 

For more information about Sara M. Drake please visit her website/blog, Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop!

    1. You're very welcome. Thank you for letting me participate ;)

  2. Maureen,

    I'm so glad you like Troy! He's my fave (even if I did create him!). And yes, Brent is a much more difficult character. He grew out of all the people I've worked with in the Air Force just don't fit the military stereotype. In this next book, I'm hoping to let him grow a bit more--get closer to fitting his job :-D

    Thank-you so much for reading the book and being part of the tour!

    Sara M. Drake

    1. You're welcome! And I can't wait to read the next book and read more about Brent. Maybe I can grow into liking him more! ;)


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