Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review 'Hide & Seek' by Tudor Robins
Anna Docherty loves the woods. Until the night a game of hide and seek sends her running a little too far, a little too fast.

Lost in the dark, it doesn’t take long for Anna’s love of the forest to turn to terror.

When Ryan finds her, huddled in his childhood hideout, and leads her back to safety, Anna is forever grateful to him.

But is she grateful enough to fight her fear when Ryan’s the one who needs help?

 My Review:

A little while ago I read ‘Appaloosa Summer’ by Tudor Robins, the first book in the Island Trilogy. I really loved that book and the way Tudor Robins pulled me into her story. So when Tudor Robins approached me with the question if I wanted to read her short story ‘Hide & Seek’ I was really honored and excited and I couldn't wait to start reading.

In ‘Hide & Seek’ we meet Anna on different times in her life. The first time we meet her she is eleven years old and playing the game hide and seek with her cousins. That day Anna is saved by Ryan, a guy a view years older than Anna. After that day we meet Anna each year. And each year Anna gets older she meets Ryan and all she wants to do is spend more time with him.

Although this story was really short (much too short for me because I really didn’t want it to end :D) I really loved it from the very first page. I don’t know how Tudor does it but just like with ‘Appaloosa Summer’ I was totally pulled into this story. I read it in one sit and really needed to know what would happen next with Anna and Ryan. I loved how this story began and continued from that day on. It was really nice to read.

What I really liked about this book was the way there’s also a part for the horse Red. I love reading stories with horses in it, and even though this story was really short, Red had a nice part in it. This story tells Anna’s story and I just loved it. Definitely another great story by Tudor Robins.

About the Author:

Tudor is the author of Objects in Mirror and Appaloosa Summer – young adult novels set in Eastern Ontario that tell coming-of-age stories of young women set against a backdrop of the world of horse shows.

Her degrees in English Literature and Journalism have shaped Tudor’s writing philosophy and style, and her work as a freelance magazine and newspaper writer established her commitment to accuracy and deadlines.

Sharing her experience and love of writing with others is something Tudor enjoys, and she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to do so through the continuing education workshops she offers for the Ottawa Catholic School Board and other writing organizations. She has also developed and delivered a creative writing workshop for junior and intermediate students.

Tudor lives in Ottawa with her husband and two sons. They spend much of their summers on Wolfe Island, Ontario. 

For more information about ‘Appaloosa Summer’ and Tudor Robins please visit her website, Goodreads and Amazon. Or look for Tudor Robins on Pinterest and Facebook

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