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Review 'Vampire Watchmen' by Tim O'Rourke's been a year since Samantha Carter blasted back to 1888, barely escaping with her life. Now, returned to present-day London with only her nymphomaniac flatmate for company, she's starting to believe that everything - the blood-curdling vampires, her strange and sudden skills with a gun, even her mysterious lover Harry - was nothing but a dream.
Just when Sammy is about to lose all hope that her friends and memories were real, it finally happens again. This time she's pulled back to a city she does not recognise: a London in the grip of a terrible plague, where death haunts the night and a deeper, darker threat lurks underground, waiting for its chance . . .

Fighting side by side with her friends once again, Sammy encounters horrors beyond her imagining; yet what really terrifies her are the endless questions, one most of all: who is she really? Torn between the life she longs for and the life she can believe in, Sammy must decide whether she's brave enough to risk everything, even her heart.

About the series:


The Samantha Carter series is a paranormal series by Tim O’Rourke. The first book in this series is called ‘Vampire Seeker’ and it was published in January 2014 by Piatkus. There is also a short story available in this series called ‘Vampire Flappers’. The second book ‘Vampire Watchmen’ is out NOW!

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My Review:

A couple of weeks ago I received ‘Vampire Watchmen’ by Tim O’Rourke through the Little Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review. Since I haven’t read the first book in this series I was really excited to find out what this book was all about. The description sounded really good and the cover looked amazing, so I figured the reading would also be very entertaining.

In ‘Vampire Watchmen’ we follow Samantha Carter a woman living in London. Last year Samantha had an incredible experience when she traveled to another time. Without really understanding what happened she appeared in 1888, and after a while she found herself back in the present. Now it’s almost a year later and ever since she came back to the present, she is trying to find an answer to the question how she was able to move through time. Samantha misses the friends she met back in 1888 terrible. With them Samantha finally felt like she had someplace she belonged.
One day when Samantha is wandering the streets of London to find answers she suddenly finds herself in yet another time. This time Samantha and her friends are back in 1665 when London was hit by the plaque. There are some terrible gruesome murders happening and together with her friends Samantha is trying to find out the one who’s responsible for all those murders.

‘Vampire Watchmen’ is the first book I read by Tim O’Rourke. In the beginning I found myself having a little trouble with figuring out what was happening. I just found the time traveling aspect a little confusing at first. But when I continued reading I soon found myself being pulled into this story. This story is funny, mysterious, scary and at times romantic and sexy. What I found really refreshing about this story was the way the vampires in this book are. The vampires where scary and completely evil. Nothing good about them! After having read so many stories about good vampires I really liked this different detail.

The character I liked the most was Harry, Samantha’s lover/friend/boyfriend/mysterious guy. Although I never really figured out who and what he really was I loved reading about him. I found his snappy answers and confusing moods really enjoyable. He was just really mysterious and I really enjoyed that.

This book was definitely a nice read. The time traveling and the vampire hunting made this a very interesting read and I found Tim O’Rourke writing very enjoyable. This book definitely made me want to read more about Samantha’s world. 

What others have to say about the book:


A definite 4 stars. I hugely recommend it to those who already love supernatural genres, go get reading!'
-The Guardian

'I don't think he could write a bad book if he tried at this point.'
- Goodreads

'I need to read the sequel right now. I cannot wait for the release date!'
- A Readers Review Blog

'Vampire Shift will leave you on the edge of your seat, gripping your Kindle.'
- Paranormal Wasteland Book Reviews

'Do not think you can just read this book . . . no, you cannot, you will live in it . . . you will fall into it and be a part of the story.' Book Reviews

About the Author:


Tim is the author of 'Samantha Carter - Vampire Seeker Series', the bestselling 'Kiera Hudson Series, 'The Sydney Hart Novels' & 'The Moon Trilogy' amongst other titles.

Don't be shy; feel free to contact Tim at the his website, his blog, Facebook or Twitter. You can also visit his Facebook Fan Club or send him an email. 

Many thanks to Clara Diaz and Little, Brown Book Group for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing book.

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