Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blog Tour 'Eleanor' by Jason Gurley

Welcome at my stop on the ‘Eleanor’ blog tour by Jason Gurley. ‘Eleanor’ is an adult book and has been published on June 27, 2014. For more information about the blog tour please go here.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Maureen’s Books. ;)


About the book:

Time is a river.

1985. The death of Eleanor's twin sister tears her family apart. Her father blames her mother for the accident. When Eleanor's mother looks at her, she sees only the daughter she lost. Their wounded family crumbles under the weight of their shared grief.

1993. Eleanor is fourteen years old when it happens for the first time... when she walks through an ordinary door at school and finds herself in another world. It happens again and again, but it's only a curiosity until that day at the cliffs. The day when Eleanor dives... and something rips her out of time itself.

And on the other side, someone is waiting for her.

For more information about this book please go to Goodreads and Amazon.

My Review:

A couple of weeks ago I saw the sign up post for the ‘Eleanor’ blog tour on Candace’s book blog. Although I normally don’t really read that much adult books I found the description of this book really interesting. So when I got the email I was included in the blog tour I was super excited. The cover looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to start reading.  

In ‘Eleanor’ we meet fourteen year old Eleanor. Eleanor’s young life has been anything but perfect. When Eleanor was 6 years old she lost her twin sister in a terrible car accident. After the accident nothing was like it used to be. Eleanor is trying to make the best of her life, she is doing her best at school and she’s taking care of her mom. But one day she suddenly finds herself in another place and thinks change after that. Soon Eleanor is disappearing to other places and most times she doesn’t really remember where she went.

I read many positive reviews about this book. And ever since I read this book myself I feel kind of strange. On the one hand I loved reading this book, the writing is beautiful, the emotions you feel by reading this book are raw and honest and Eleanor is such a strong young girl. On the other hand I found myself having trouble really getting into this story and I was really mad while reading how Eleanor’s parents didn’t take care of her like they are supposed to. So I can definitely conclude I have mixed feelings about this book.

The thing that made me find this book a little confusing sometimes were the ‘Mea’ and ‘Keeper’ chapters. I just really didn’t quite get those chapters. It made the story at times a little vague to me.

Are my mixed feelings saying I didn’t like or would recommend this book to others? Definitely not. ‘Eleanor’ is the kind of book you need to read for yourself to really get what it’s all about. This book ended with me feeling so many different things that I really can’t do anything else than say this is a very good written book. If an author can make me feel so many different things at the same time, it just is a very good book. It’s not my usual genre but I really enjoyed reading it. 

About the Author: 

Jason Gurley is the author of the bestselling novel ‘Greatfall’ as well as ‘The Man Who Ended the World’, the ‘Movement’ trilogy and ‘Eleanor’,  a novel thirteen years in the making. His short stories, including ‘The Dark Age’, ‘The Caretaker’, ‘The last Rail-Rider’ and others, appear in his collection ‘Deep Breath Hold Tight: Stories About the End of Everything’. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, among them David Gatewood’s ‘From The Indie Side’ and ‘Synchronic’ and John Joseph Adam’s ‘Help Fund My Robot Army!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects’. Jason is a designer by trade, and has designed book covers for Amazon Publishing, Subterranean Press, Prime Books and many independent authors, among them bestsellers Hugh Howey, Matthew Mather, Russel Blake, Michael Bunker, Ernie Lindsey and others. Jason lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. 

For more information about 'Eleanor' and Jason Gurley please visit his website, Twitter and Facebook. 


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  1. It is an unusual book and it's one that I think is rather hard to review. Obviously we're suppose to be angry with her parents and stuff but I know I sometimes felt confused about some things and that's kind of how it's suppose to be, at least to some extent. So it's one that a person could reread and see new things each time. However, it's not something that is going to work completely for everyone. It's very deep kind of read. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop.

    1. It's definitely an unusual book. Writing this review took me a long time and still I'm not completely done thinking about it. I still find thinks popping up in my head and thinking I should have written it down.
      You're welcome! And thank you for making me a part of the tour.


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