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Blog Tour 'Country Love' by Chelsea Dorsette

Today I’m excited to participate in the Blog Tour of ‘Country Love’ by Chelsea Dorsette. ‘Country Love’ has been published on April seventeen, 2014 and is an Adult Romance novel. 

I'm excited to participate in this Blog Tour and I hope you enjoy your stay! ;)

 About the Book: over six feet tall with tight black jeans and his signature black cowboy hat, he draws attention every time he sets foot on stage...

CJ Tanner is the sexy lead singer of an up and coming country band.

While doing a radio station interview at Nashville, Tennessee’s top rated country music station WSIX, CJ meets Paden Thomas. During the course of the interview the sexual tension between them is palpable…

When CJ invites Paden to come watch his band play at Nashville’s popular downtown club called Cat’s Cradle their relationship starts heating up. It doesn’t take long before a mysterious series of unexplainable and dangerous events start happening, leaving Paden suspicious that someone is trying to keep them apart.

Feeling that their safety is in jeopardy, Paden has no other choice than to break up with CJ… Yet again, another unexpected turn of events puts Paden in harm’s way with potentially devastating consequences.

Will CJ show up in time to rescue her? Or will these events take a toll on their relationship? 

This book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. For more information you can also look on Goodreads.  

My Review:


When I read the prescription of ‘Country Love’ I was immediately interested. I love country music and I love romance novels. So I figured this was the perfect book for me to read. When I received an copy of ‘Country Love’ I was super excited and I just couldn’t wait to start reading it.

In ‘Country Love’ we meet Paden Thomas, an twenty-eight year old radio announcer working on a big time radio station in Nashville. Paden is a young and talented woman who loves her job. When Paden is asked to do an interview with the lead singer of a new country band called ‘The Café Cowboys’ she immediately starts doing some research on the new band. But what Paden didn’t expect is to meet CJ. CJ Tanner is twenty-nine year old and has wanted to be a musician ever since he was little. After many years of hard work his band ‘The Café Cowboys’ is finally getting more attention. When CJ is invited to give an interview on a radio station he doesn’t know this interview will change his live forever. When Paden and CJ meet in the radio station the chemistry is immediately there. They hit it off and when the interview ends CJ invites Paden to one of his shows. Soon Paden and CJ are insuperable but what they don’t know is that there is danger lurking and soon there perfect looking romance is in great danger.

From the moment I started ‘Country Love’ there was one thing very clear. This book is written in a very prescriptive kind of way. At first I thought that this would make it hard for me to like the book. But fortunately it didn’t bother me. The author choose to prescribe everything very clear and obvious and it was just something that took me by surprise.
But although the book was different than I expected I really enjoyed the story. I loved how Paden and CJ met and how they fell madly in love. This story was just very enjoyable. Not a book with a lot of depth but still a really nice book to read in a nice warm weekend.

The character I liked the most was CJ. He was this handsome, black haired, blue eyed country singer god and I just loved his character. He wasn’t afraid to show his feelings for Paden and he clearly loved her very much. I also just love the whole musician thing.. it really has a mysterious glow to it and I just love reading these kind of stories. WOW.. and that song in the end. WOW!!!

So I can definitely conclude that I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to other romance/musician genre lovers. There are also some very enjoyable sexy scenes in this book and it’s just a perfect relaxing read.

About the Author:


Chelsea Dorsette was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now calls Raleigh, North Carolina home. Her writing career began in the radio broadcasting industry as a commercial copywriter. Some years later she penned a handful of children’s short stories. A few years back, she spent three years learning the craft of writing country music lyrics with the help from some great Nashville song writers. Chelsea’s current love is writing erotica romance. She currently has three novellas available on all major E-bookstores with two more in the works to be published.

For more information about Chelsea Dorsette and ‘Country Love’ please visit her website, her blog, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads


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