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Review 'Rules of Protection' by Alison Bliss’s rule breaker Emily Foster's birthday, and like everyone at The Jungle Room, she just wants to get some action. Unfortunately, she stumbles on the wrong kind, witnessing a mob hit. To protect her, she’s entered into the Witness Protection Program with by-the-book Special Agent Jake Ward as her chaperone.

When the location of their safe house is compromised, Jake stashes Emily deep in the Texas backwoods. The city-girl might be safe from the Mafia, but she has to contend with a psychotic rooster, a narcoleptic dog, crazy cowboys, and the danger of losing her heart to the one man she can’t have.

Jake's as hot as he is infuriating, and she can't help but push all his buttons to loosen him up. Their mutual, sizzling sexual attraction poses a dilemma: Jake’s determined to keep her safe and out of the wrong hands; she’s determined to get into the right ones—his.

My Review:

A couple of weeks ago Alison Bliss approached me with through email with the question is I wanted to read and review her book ‘Rules of Protection’. After reading the book description I couldn’t believe how amazing this book sounded. I mean the words – Special Agent – Texas – Crazy Cowboys – are like alcohol to a struggling alcoholic. I just really needed to read this book. So off course I emailed Alison right back and this week I finally started reading it.

In ‘Rules of Protection’ we meet Emily Foster. Emily is celebrating her 28th birthday with her two best friends when she witnesses a murder. Scared out of her mind, Emily finds herself being chased by the criminals who committed the murder. Thankfully Emily is saved by handsome FBI special agent Jake Ward. When Emily goes into the Witness Protection Program, Jake is the one who gets Emily to her new home and helps her start a new life. But what they both didn’t expect is that the danger doesn’t end when Emily is in her new home and soon Emily and Jake are forced to hide in Texas, the state Jake is from. Although Emily would never admit is she soon finds herself getting more and more attracted to the hot and charming special agent. Unfortunately, Jake doesn’t seem to share her feelings, atleast that’s what Emily thinks. Even though Emily doesn’t see it, Jake isn’t as untouched by the beautiful and feisty 28th year old as he pretends.

This book was really incredibly amazing. ‘Rules of Protection’ is the kind of book you start reading and just never want to quit. This book is full of romance, action and it’s just really funny. It has been a while since a book made me laugh that much. I couldn’t get enough of Emily and Jake. I loved there fights and the chemistry between them was just so… so… so.. WOW!!! Yeah.. I definitely fell in love with this book.

The character I loved the most was definitely Emily. I loved her stuburness, her big mouth and her temper. But mostly I loved how insecure she was and how scared she was of losing another person she loved. These things just made her more real to me and I could definitely connect to these things. Emily is definitely not perfect and I loved that about her. And she was just really really funny!!
And Jake was just really swoon worthy!

‘Rules of Protection’ is definitely one of my new favorite books. This book needs to be on a bestseller list because it really is that good. I just really want to read it again!
If you’re a fan of Jamie McGuire, Jodi Linton, E.L. James etc. you should definitely read ‘Rules of Protection’. I promise you it will not disappoint!!

The Book Trailer:




About the Author:


As the youngest of five girls, Alison Bliss has never turned down a challenge...or been called by the right name. Her writing career may have started out as a dare by one of her sisters, but Alison hasn't put her pen down since.

She grew up on a small island off the Texas Gulf Coast, where most of her childhood vacations consisted of camping or hunting trips to the deer lease. Although she'll always be a Texan at heart, Alison currently resides in the Midwest with her Iowa farm-boy husband and their two sons. With so much testosterone in her home, it's no wonder she writes "girl books."
She's an animal lover, a closet video game enthusiast, and believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it's obviously meant to be. Alison's an avid romance reader who enjoys penning the type of books she loves to read most: fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, laughter, and usually a cowboy or two. As she calls it, "Romance...with a sense of humor."

For more information about Alison Bliss and 'Rules of Protection' please visit her website, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

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Release Party 'Perfectly Ernest' by E.J.Wesley

Welcome to the release party for ‘Perfectly Ernest’ by E.J. Wesley! This is a New Adult Contemporary with romantic elements. ‘Perfectly Ernest’ is now available for sale. 

The Book:

A gripping story of striking out and winning big. From a distance, Ernie’s life seems perfect—he’s a star college baseball player adored by the student body and coveted by professional teams. Up close, he is a disaster. Since the death of his mother, he’s been trapped by a promise he made and forced to live her dream instead of his own. He reaches his breaking point in the biggest game of his young career and sets off a chain of events that will either define or destroy the rest of his life.

Ernie grudgingly joins a quirky campus counseling group that empowers him to heal himself and right his wrongs. By testing old friendships, forging unlikely new ones, and exploring an exciting romance, he begins to unravel the jumbled knot his tangled inner-psyche has become. But old rivals, mental illness, and the risk of a forbidden relationship soon threaten his progress. Will Ernie’s new direction and friends be his salvation, or confirmation that he is forever doomed by his imperfections?

Perfectly Ernest is a New Adult contemporary novel with romantic elements by author E.J. Wesley. Ernest offers a smart, funny, sweet, sexy, uplifting, and oftentimes poignant perspective of one person’s difficult transition into adulthood. It is a story about overcoming the demons of mental illness and struggling with the profound burden of expectations—both real and imagined. But it’s mostly a tale of friendship, hope, and love.
Available Now!!

Praise for 'Perfectly Ernest':

“EJ Wesley has written a modern day Breakfast Club.”

“E.J. tells a college love story with a real life feel. He has created a flawed and pitiful character who quickly becomes a rallying point for all the other characters of the story. Ernie is the sort of boy I could easily imagine myself being friends with in college and cheered on through life in general, but certainly the story.”

“EJ’s tale of a college baseball star and the demons he fights is powerful and captivating. Once you’re involved in Ernest’s world, you are invested for the ride. Fans of this genre will say EJ hit it out of the park!” Alex J. Cavanaugh, Amazon bestselling author of the Cassa series

“Great cast of characters. Lots of fun humor. Romance. Win! Definitely recommend!”

 ”This is not so much a “coming of age” story, as it is a “coming of self.” I loved reading it”"It is an inspirational, heartwarming story in which any reader is likely to get lost.”

“This story made me laugh and cry and it was so great to read something sweet and awesome from a guy.”

“Perfectly Ernest offers an emotionally genuine tour through depression, friendship, and love.”

“It’s wonderful when a story’s voice is so strong as to drag you into someone’s head so it feels natural. I devoured Perfectly Ernest.”

“…captured my heart from page one.”


Book Trailer:



About the Author:


Growing up in small-town Oklahoma, there were limits on the amount and types of entertainment at my disposal. Perhaps that’s why I set my imagination free. After collecting degrees in psychology and counseling, life brought me to Missouri, Texas, and Northern California–where I currently read, write, and live. I fill my spare time playing video games, watching movies, planning for the zombie apocalypse, reading graphic novels, and playing with my dogs.

My passion for New Adult literature led me to producing the weekly New Adult Lit Chat on Twitter and contributing to the NA Alley Blog. I’m also the author of Moonsongs, a series of New Adult, urban fantasy novelettes. Find me on Twitter @EJWesley or Facebook and we’ll chat!

For more information about E.J. Wesley or ‘Perfectly Ernest’ please visit his website, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn or sign up for the Newsletter.


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