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Review '500 Days' by Jessica Miller
Casper Covington had his music, women, and pretty much anything he wanted at his disposal. But the one thing that plagued his thoughts constantly was the one thing he couldn't have. The girl he met six months ago. A drunken one night stand that he couldn't get out of his head. The only thing he remembered from that night was her green eyes and the ivy tattoo that stretched the length of her body. In his attempts to put an end to the tortuous dreams of the mysterious girl, Casper’s attention is caught by the new bartender. There’s just something so familiar about her that his need to get to know her becomes more troublesome than he expected.

Alexis Radcliff was raised by her four brothers making her as tough as nails on the outside but on the inside she wanted what every girl did – someone to love her, faults and all. She would be damned if she admitted that out loud and made a point to show she could use men just as easily as they used women. But when a sexy musician starts to show interest in Alex she has a hard time convincing herself to stay away. Alex knows everyone has secrets but hers are ones she doesn't want to share. But when she can no longer fight her feelings, her dark past slowly starts to unravel.

Can true love conquer all? Or are past ghosts a haunting premonition of what lies ahead?

A couple of weeks ago I received ‘500 days’ from Jessica Miller in exchange for my honest review. The blurb of this book really sounded great. So when it was time to start reading ‘500 days’ a couple of days ago I was super excited to finally start.

In ‘500 days’ we meet Alexis a college student who grew up with her four brothers. Alexis isn’t like many other girls. She knows how to take care of herself and she isn’t easily swept of her feet. Or better said, she doesn’t get swept of her feet at all. Alexis uses man like they use woman and she likes her life the way it is. But then she meets Casper, a handsome musician who loves woman. Casper takes home a different girl every night and makes sure he leaves the girls before they wake up. But when Casper meets Alexis he is immediately intrigued by this gorgeous tough girl. Although Casper and Alexis don’t really like each other at first there attraction of each other keeps growing and growing. And soon Casper and Alexis are inseparable. But Alexis has a lot of issues and isn’t easy to catch. Soon Casper needs to work like crazy to get this girls attention.

From the very first page I really loved this story. I immediately loved the characters and couldn’t get enough of this story. Although Casper is really kind of a man-whore I really liked him. He has a lot of humor and soon you find out he is really a sweet guy. Although he makes some stupid decisions he really cares about Alexis and he just wants to see her happy. Casper really needs to work hard for Alexis and I must say I really loved how he tried to make her see him.
I also really liked Alexis. To the out sight world she is this really tough girl, but the truth is she is just scared of losing more people see loves. I loved how Alexis took care of too touchy guys. The things she would do to these guys really made me laugh. And to be honest I was kind of jealous of Alexis and the relationship she has with her four brothers. They are all really close and I loved reading about them.

Not only is this book really amazing, I also loved the cover. This cover is just a little dark but also very romantic. The same way this book is. So a great cover choice I must say.
This book is definitely going on my way favorite list. And to be honest I don’t really get why this book isn’t on a bestseller list. I was completely hooked to this story from the moment I started it and even when I wasn’t reading I kept thinking about these characters.

For everyone who loves books by Jamie McGuire, Nicole Williams, Jessica Sorensen and Colleen Hoover, you guys definitely need to put ‘500 days’ on your to-read list. I promise you don’t be disappointed!

About the Author: 

In an alternate universe my time would be spent lying on a beach reading or writing while being fanned by some delicious man candy. But I live in the suburbs of Pennsylvania where the closest beach is two hours away. In reality when I'm not daydreaming (which is most of the time) I'm working at the salon or playing super nanny. I tend to live in a fantasy world more than real life, but the best part of that is I get to let my overactive imagination run free when I write.

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