Monday, May 12, 2014

Review 'The Tormentors' by Jack Phoenix
Roderick Whithers is guilty, now he must face his demons. A tale of madness, monsters, and misogyny, The Tormentors tells the story of a prosperous family man who is plagued by three hellish women only he can see. As his mind begins to unravel, Roderick's desperate wife Elizabeth seeks the answers to her husband's ailment, which may lay buried in his dark past. Are these demons of Roderick's vengeful spirits or avenging angels? Elizabeth must uncover the truth to save Roderick's mind and end his crazed rampage.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jack Phoenix with the question if I wanted to read and review his book ‘The Tormentors’. This book is a horror novel and not something I would have chosen normally. But I like a new challenge and decided to give this book a change. So a couple of days ago I started reading ‘The Tormentors’.

What I immediately liked about ‘The Tormentors’ was the writing style and the way this book immediately grasps your attention. From the very first page the excitement and horror starts. Reading this book you can obviously tell that Jack Phoenix is a great story teller. This book I well written and full of dark twists.

I didn’t really like the characters in this book. But in the end I think these characters aren’t meant to be liked.  The main characters Roderick and Elizabeth are not what they seem to be. Roderick is just a terrible person and Elizabeth I found to be a very selfish person. Elizabeth was not a bad person but she just really needs to get her priorities straight.
I think the only character I liked a little was Wade, Elizabeth’s friend. He is a great friend and does everything he can to help Elizabeth. And he loves books..  

The horror aspect of this book wasn’t really for me. I found the three ‘hellish women’ a little disturbing. Not quite scary but very gross. What I did like was the way these women where after revenge and really went after the right person. In most horror movies I saw it’s always the good person who’s got the devil after him. Never the bad guy. I really liked the way the bad guy got punished in this book. 

So at the end of reading this book I can conclude that this book is very well written, full of twists you can’t imagine but still not a book for me. But for people who like horror and a couple of disturbing hellish women this is definitely a nice read.

About the Author:

Graduating from Otterbein University with a degree in English literature and religion, Jack is currently working on his master's degree in Library and Information Science while employed at a library. "The Tormentors" is his first published novel.

A comic book nerd with a burning love for monster movies and balloon animals, you can follow his "My Comic Memories" Tumblr for lots of embarrassing stories about his life.

Sweet dreams! 

For more information about Jack please visite his website or look for him on Twitter and Facebook

For more information about his book 'The Tormentors' visit Amazon and Goodreads.


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