Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review 'Dragon Dreams' by Dusty Lynn Holloway
The heart of Terradin . . . is fading away, and its only hope rests in the one person that Nachal has vowed to protect at all costs. Because to save her, is to save them all.

Nachal, foster son of the great Dragon-King Cerralys has the same dream night after night.

In them, an elf named Auri lays dead, murdered by the Rebel Dragon's leader Obsidian on a massive plain of fire.

Racing against time, he sets out from Eldaria to prevent the prophetic dreams from coming true. To do this he must avoid capture by the long reach of Obsidian's gathering army, and find a mystical land that has been lost for more than two decades. A land that is reputed to flow with breath-taking beauty and vitality.

But will what he finds there be what he needs? Or something that will haunt him for all eternity.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Dusty Lynn Holloway with the question if I wanted to review her book ‘Dragon Dreams’. I really like fantasy books and especially books about elves so I immediately put it on my ‘To-Read’ list. A couple of days ago I started reading it.

In ‘Dragon Dreams’ we follow Nachal and Auri. Nachal is a human boy who grew up with the Dragon King Cerralys. Auri is an elf who grew up with a human man. Since a view months, Nachal is dreaming about Auri. In these dreams Auri has been killed by the rebel dragon Obsidian. Soon Nachal dreams seem to be getting more and more real and he decides to try to find Auri so he can save her.
Meanwhile Auri has a visitor in her little hometown, Liran. Liran is an Elf who was send to get Auri and take her to the home of the elves. Soon after Auri and Liran begin their journey they find themselves drawn to each othet.  But Liran is a professional and knows more about Auri’s future than he is telling her. Soon Auri isn’t only traveling to her new home but she also meets Nachal and learns more about her past and her future.

I must say that I really liked ‘Dragon Dreams’. At the beginning I found it a little difficult to get all the different names straight. There are a lot of different characters and the names aren’t very easy. I mean Nachal and Cerralys aren’t names I’ve ever heard before. So sometimes I found myself forgetting which character was who. But soon I decided to write them down in my notebook and that really helped me to keep everybody apart.

What really surprised me in this book was the love triangle between Nachal, Auri and Liran. There really was a lot of chemistry in this book and I loved it. Off course I also had a favorite character in this book. For me it was definitely Liran. I really liked the mysterious and troubled elf. I loved how he tried to stay professional and how we read about his struggle with his feelings. I was really rooting for him.

The only down point for me in this book was that it sometimes moved really fast. You would read about Auri going to meet her father and BOOM they traveled days and where at their next destination. At the beginning I read about Nachal meeting Auri and BOOM they’d met. But still, it didn’t bother me that bad and I still really enjoyed this book.

This book is definitely a nice read for every fantasy, elf and dragon lover out there. 

About the Author:

Dusty lives in California with her two children. She loves exploring, and hopes one day to learn to fly a plane, try on night-vision goggles just for the fun of it, and float in a room with zero gravity. Not necessarily in that order.

For more information about 'Dragon Dreams' and Dusty Lynn Holloway please visit her on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter or at her website.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spotlight 'Fractured' by Leanne Pearson

Today I’m participating in the Book Blitz for ‘Fractured’ by Leanne Pearson by doing a Spotlight about this new book. The expected publication date for this book is June 1st. On Goodreads this book has been added on many To-Read lists and I must say it sounds like a great book. 

The Book:

For twenty three year old Katrina Smith, the events of one day irrevocably changed her life.

Life in Christchurch, New Zealand, couldn't have been better. She was in love with a wonderful man, had a job she enjoyed, and had her life mapped out before her...

What dawned as a typical summer’s day, changed into a day of devastation and overwhelming loss. An insidious danger lay beneath the benign land surface, seismic tension, like a ticking time-bomb, was counting down to a catastrophe. And Kate and her boyfriend, Daniel, were in its path. It took mere seconds for the world to be ripped out from under her. Suddenly, Kate was deluged by a vortex of Post Traumatic Stress, guilt and crippling anguish. 

Dominic Dell’Antonio, an American marine working in New Zealand, was a man hiding from his own demons which lurked behind depth-less blue eyes that read so much, yet yielded so little. He kept himself aloof and isolated. Nightmares regularly plagued him.

As Kate slipped under a suffocating wave of heartache, she blocks out the world behind self imposed walls, drowning in the torrents of grief. Quiet, yet commanding, Dominic connects with Kate on some inexplicably deeper level. He wants to protect her. He wants to make her his.

Two damaged and guarded souls drawn together through tragic circumstances. Two lonely hearts drawn to one another to find comfort.

About the Author:

Leanne Pearson grew up in Durban, South Africa. She later immigrated to New Zealand, where she now lives with her husband, and two children. During her down time, if she's not reading, she can be found relaxing outside, sipping on an apple cider, soaking up the sights and sounds of rural New
Zealand. Leanne has had a few feature articles published in the newspaper over the years and has had a flair for creative writing from a very young age.

 More information:

For more information about Leanne Pearson and her book 'Fractured' go to her Goodreads page or visit her Facebook page. You can also find Leanne on Twitter.
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