Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why do I read?

People ask me all the time why I read so much. Another popular question I’ve been asked is where do I get the time to read so much? Do I not spend time with my boyfriend or family? I have been thinking about these questions lately. Although I don’t think I read that much (I wish I could read more) I spent my time differently than many of the people I know.

A look in my little library.
I work a full time job as a nurse but I always find time to read before work or after work. Sometimes more than other days, but I always read at least an hour a day. When I was younger I had other priorities than most people my age. I didn’t like spending time in a smoky café with drunk people around me. I hated to watch guys wondering around looking for a girl they could swoop of their feet for just one night. That just wasn’t my kind of thing. I’ve tried being that kind of girl but it didn’t make me happy at all.
Even though I’m a nurse and I officiously like people I don’t like to spend a lot of time around many people. When I finish work I love spending time with my boyfriend, reading my book and I honestly don’t want to talk to anybody anymore. I love, after a hard day at work,  to leave everything behind and get lost in another world.  I enjoy spending all day inside and reading my book. Or when the weather is nice I love to read in sunlight on our balcony. That doesn’t mean in don’t like spending time with friends. I just prefer spending time with my boyfriend and a good book. I just love reading books. I love the smell of books, I love how books look and I love how they make me feel.

For example, when I was fourteen years old I was in a bad place. I was angry at the world. I was angry at my family. I was angry at everything. But most of all I was angry at myself for not being a perfect girl. I couldn’t make everybody happy and that just made me really angry. I was angry all the time and didn’t know how to escape from that. The only thing that could make me less angry was reading a book. Books helped me to clear my head and helped to relax. And slowly I forgot that angry feeling. Books helped me where people couldn’t. I didn’t trust people but books and the people in it made me realize that my life wasn’t really that bad. They helped me see that life could be a beautiful thing.

So the next time somebody asks me why I read so much and will ask them why they breath. Because that’s what’s reading is all about for me. Reading and books are my oxygen, my way of coping, my way of relaxing. Books saved me and books make me happy.


  1. Reading has always been my salvation, an escape from a good but somewhat boring and unfair world. I've never understood why people DON'T read. That's the better question, I think. :)

    1. That's definitely a much better question. Next time I will answer with that! ;)


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