Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review 'Love Bites' by Lynsay Sands

Etienne Argeneau can turn one human into a vampire in his lifetime - an honour his kind usually reserved for their life mates, to let their love life forever.

But it's all a bit more complicated than that. Rachel Garrett, a beautiful coroner, has just saved his life and now she's about to lose hers. Etienne has a choice: he can save her life in turn, and thus doom himself to an eternity alone, unable to create his own life mate. Or he can watch his saviour die in the name of a love he has yet to meet.

Her life and his love weigh in the balance, and whatever Etienne does he may live to regret for eternity . . .

When I saw ‘Love Bites’ in the Waterstones I didn’t really know what I could expect about this book. The description sounded really interesting but to be honest almost every book with a vampire in it sounds interesting to me. I decided to give this, for me, new series a chance and bought the book. Yesterday, before I started reading it, I saw that ‘Love Bites’ is the second book in the ‘Argeneau’ series but I decided to still try reading it because I just really wanted to know if this was my kind of series.

And I must say I was completely surprised by this book. Not only is this series full of passionate scenes but these vampires are completely different than the other vampires I’ve read about. And I really love original stories.
Etienne is this 300 year old, beautiful blond guy who’s really very lonely and finds his live kind-off boring. His life got strange when this weird guy called Pudge tries to kill him again and again. Fortunately vampires can’t be killed that easy and Etienne finds himself waking up in the morgue where Rachel Garrett is the night shift coroner. Thankfully for Etienne’s ‘powers’ he makes sure Rachel forgets that the guy she was supposed to do an autopsy on is alive again. But Etienne doesn’t forget how beautiful Rachel is.
Rachel is a 30 year old night shift coroner, tired with her life of only working nights. Rachel doesn’t have a normal personal life due to the fact that she has been working the nightshift for almost three years straight. But when she finally gets the opportunity to work the day shift her life changes forever.

I really liked the story and can’t believe it’s been out there for me to read since 2005. This book was at times really really funny and I got a lot of strange looks from my boyfriend while I was reading this book because I just couldn’t stop laughing. The most funny thing was the part about Rachel thinking she’s having a ‘wet dream’. I really got a stomach ache from laughing so hard.

The one thing that bothered me about this book is the cover. I mean who is the guy on the cover? Etienne is supposed to be (according to this book) a blond guy and the guy on the cover is definitely not blond. Right? I really don’t like covers that doesn’t fit with the story. But fortunately this book really makes up for the cover.

I read this book in only one day and I’m really going to read more books in this series. This book was really fun, sexy, romantic and exciting. Definitely another book for on my favorite list. And I just found out that there are a lot of books in this series for me to read. Love it!!

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