Monday, March 17, 2014

The World of Books and Reading in the Netherlands

I have been thinking a lot about where my first blog should be about. And after a lot of thinking I decided it’s going to be about the book industry here in the Netherlands. Because the book industry here in the Netherlands is just sad. We have all heard about the recession and people who are losing their jobs and their houses but what I heard a couple of weeks ago shocked me to the core. One of the biggest bookstores in this country is broke. There’s no money left and the doors of their stores are closed. The moment I heard my mouth fell open and I didn’t know what to say for almost an hour. Bookstores bankrupted?? Broke?? How on earth is that possible??

At that moment I realized that I’m born in the wrong country!!

I have always been kind of a loner when it comes to my book addiction. Some of my family members read, like my mom and my aunt, some of my colleagues read but nobody I know reads as much as I do. Apart from my family I can’t talk with anybody about books, and now bookstores are closing. People just don’t buy books anymore. And that just makes me sad. The tradition my mom and I had when we went shopping in Amsterdam is just not the same anymore. My favorite bookstore ‘The Waterstones’ is there but her Dutch bookstore is gone. Well not entirely. The store is open waiting to be bought by an rich man or woman.. but I begin to think that there’s no hope for them left.. and that’s just sad. People don’t talk much about books here in the Netherlands, there aren’t many things organized regarding books here. So I go on the internet, on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook and I read many book blogs written in Great Britian and the USA and that way I still feel connected to all the other booklovers out there.

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