Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review 'Wait For You' have been a Jennifer Armentrout fan ever since I read Obsidian. I love her writing style and the humor that’s in her books. So when I learned that Jennifer was also writing as J. Lynn I was immediately determined to find out what these books were about. When I read about ‘Wait For You’ I really wanted to buy this book as soon as possible. So I ordered it on and waited full anticipation on the day it would arrive at my door. Last week it finally arrived and on Sunday I could finally start reading ‘Wait For You’.

What I immediately loved about ‘Wait For You’ is the way the story starts right at the first page. No slow introduction but immediate action. The main characters, Avery and Cam meet and from that moment on I was completely hooked on this story. Avery is this talented, sweet and beautiful girl living with a terrible past she’s trying to get away from. But Avery doesn’t really get the time to get used to college life because on her first day she meets, or better said stumbles upon, Cam. Cam is a gorgeous, extremely hot guy and a little bit arrogant. At first I couldn’t blame Avery to want to stay away from Cam, he was really arrogant and I understood why this made alarm bells go of in Avery’s head. Cam is definitely used to getting every girl he wants. But soon you learn that Cam is also very sweet, caring and really funny. This book really made me giggle at times.

In ‘Wait For You’ we follow Avery and Cam throughout one school year and they go through a lot together. I really loved this book and everything about. I loved the way Avery and Cam meet, I loved how they became friends and I loved how you could just feel their chemistry. From the moment I started this book I couldn’t put it down, I was completely hooked. And there are definitely some hot scenes is this book. I mean, with a guy like Cam, there just has to be hot scenes, and boy there was.
But there aren’t only hot and funny scenes, there’s also a lot of sad stuff in this book. Avery and Cam both have secrets and soon they find out that having secrets can change everything.

I loved this book and it is definitely going on my ‘Favorite’ list. I would definitely recommend this book to every reader who’s looking for a beautiful, sexy, funny and filled with love kind of story.

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