Friday, March 21, 2014

Review 'Gone Girl' I’ve had my hands on a copy of ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn at least three times before. This book was lying in a lot of different bookstores and I read a lot of review’s about it. But somehow I never bought it because it just didn’t sound like my kind of book. But when I was getting ready to an hour drive to my grandma’s house I decided to get an audio book for the journey so I didn’t get bored. The only audio book I could get was ‘Gone Girl’ so I decided to give it a try. Somehow this story pulled my in real fast and I almost didn’t want to get out of the car when I arrived at my grandma’s.
So a week later I decided to buy ‘Gone Girl’ at last just so I could find out what was happening next in this story.  And boy there happens a lot in this book. This book is one of the most disturbing books I have ever read.

Let’s start with the characters Nick and Amy. From the very page I didn’t like Nick’s character. I hated the way he acted towards Amy and I just thought he was a really angry bad guy who didn’t a wife like Amy. Amy on the other hand I liked. At least for a little while. I loved how she wrote her diary and how she described falling in love with Nick. But after a little while I just wished she would tell Nick to go to hell and be a nicer person. The most fun part about this book is that at first you don’t realize how many different characters are in this book.  

Having finished this book a week ago I still can’t really say what my opinion is about this one.. I mean this book is just really strange but somehow I just couldn’t stop reading it and just had to know how it would end. I find it sort of disturbing to realize that someone is able to think of this story. It’s a really clever book and you never know what will happen on the next page. Even after a week I’m still thinking about this book.

So I gave this book three stars on Goodreads. Because I really couldn’t think about anything else for a couple of days, while reading this. And any writer whose able to pull something like that deserves a good rating. I think this is definitely a book everybody should read, if only so you can talk about it with others.

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