Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Real Books vs. E-Readers

My book bag for last year's vacation.
In a couple of weeks my boyfriend and I are going on vacation to Mexico. I’m really excited about this vacation because I’ve never been outside Europe. But I also have this big dilemma. Which books should I take with me? Each year I have trouble choosing which books I’ll take with me. I mean this is really a hard thing to do. Sometimes I’m feeling more like reading a romance novel, but sometimes I really want to read a fantasy novel. So obviously I need to take different sorts of books with me. Last year was easy because we were traveling with our own car and it didn’t really matter as long as the car could be closed. But this year we are flying and I can only take 20 kilograms of luggage with me (maybe I can use some of my boyfriend’s luggage space?? –LOL-). So obviously I can’t take a lot books with me.

Some people already advised me to buy a E-reader but I’m really an old-school girl and love to hold real books. I love how books feel, I love how they smell and I love how they look. I’ve never wanted to buy an E-reader but now I’m really thinking it would be smart to get one. But I don’t really know anyone with an E-reader so I was wondering what you people think?

What are your experiences? Are E-readers a good alternative to real books?


  1. When you're traveling, ereaders are a godsend. Also, since you're reviewing books, most publishers, including indie and self-pubbers, have review books in ebook format (via Netgalley and Edelweiss). I like my ereader (an old Kindle), though I still prefer "real" books!

    1. Yes, I've been thinking the same thing since starting this blog. I'm hoping to get some books to review and when I finally do I don’t want to tell them no because I don’t have an E-reader.
      Thanks for your opinion!


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